Split Ends - A Comedy About Loss - By Ella Clarke

Split Ends - A Comedy About Loss - By Ella Clarke

Looking to find support and funding to show in West-End, and Off-West-End theatre spaces, to launch the production, then later for festivals

We did it!

On 11th Sep 2017 we successfully raised £175 with 6 supporters in 56 days

This theatre production called 'Split Ends', written by Ella Clarke, with the company New Fable Productions, is a tragicomedy about loss, grief, unrequited love and suicide set in a present day suburban community.

A group of 9 people, through circumstance, chance and distant relations, find solace, connection and a renewed sense of comfort and stoicism, through relating to one anothers shared experiences of hardship, telling the story of how a community can transmit their individual percieved tradgey or hurt. 

The piece is a 40 minute mix of drama, prose, physical theatre, dance and live music, and influences include Sarah Kane, Kate Tempest, Samuel Beckett and Shakespeare.

Ella's thoughts:

"Having experienced paternal loss and personal experiences of (and that relate to) LGBTQ relationships, child bearing difficulties such as miscarriage, suicide, depression and unrequited love, I felt I wanted to add another narative, infact another 9 (the characters). Through their mutual sense of perspective, they feel their hearts and minds were able to alleviate the weight they carry.

I have created small productions before, for theatre and film, but this is a first for me and the company to be aiming for London's West-End (and Off-West-End) where I believe this piece's true audience lies.

I am currently working alone as Writer, Director and Choreographer, and hope, with your support I can find a Producer to help introduce this project to the London theatre and arts community, and therefore take this production to the places and audiences it deserves.

Anything you can give towards this project would be gratefully received and wisely implemented and your support would truely mean the world.

Thank you! "

[The picture depicted is of a past production of the company, also featuring Ella Clarke (on the far left), which was a well received farce comedy, in 2013.]

New Fable Website: https://www.newfableproductions.org/

Hindsight Interview of Ella: http://hindsight.city/ella-clarke-author-of-split-ends/

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