Splinter Collective Training for Facilitators

Splinter Collective Training for Facilitators

To equip facilitators with the necessary skills to ensure our workshops are safe, welcoming and empowering spaces for everyone who attends!

We did it!

On 18th May 2017 we successfully raised £505 of £500 target with 21 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

If we get extra money then we will use it to buy some of the tools we need to equip the wood workshop, our current plan is to aquire things 2nd hand and by donation. We would also buy materials which we would use for learning projects.  We would keep funding bus fares for our workshops and we would keep paying travel expenses for people running workshops who come from outside Glasgow.

We are a group of women, non-binary and gender-queer people who are interested in woodworking and DIY. We aim to learn non-hierarchically and collectively develop an anti-patriarchal building practice. We will do this by valuing everyone's experience and contributions and by challenging cultures and practices that are only accessible to able-bodied men. We are also committed to anti-capitalist principals. We will hold a weekly drop-in and a programme of workshops, shaped by those who use the space, in a fully equipped woodwork shop at Glasgow Autonomous Space. 

We are currently in the process of planning and organising our collective, the events we will run and up-skilling ourselves as facilitators so that we can hold these space in a safe, welcoming and engaging way. Accessibility and inclusivity are key values for us; by which we mean that our space is physically, financially and socially open to as many people as possible and that we actively try to reach out to marginalised groups of people and make them feel welcome when they come to our workshops. We want to make sure that everyone who comes feels like they belong, that their thoughts, feelings and experiences matter and that their ideas are taken forward. We also want to ensure that people are always safe, meaning that there are trained First Aiders around, that people know how to use tools and materials appropriately and that there is the right personal protective equipment for everyone.

This obviously takes time (which we have) and money (which we don't have)...but that's where you come in. We have deliberately set the bar low so that it is attainable, but the more we raise, the more we can do!

Below is a list of what we need money for in order of importance:

- We want to make our meetings and facilitation training financially accessible to people, which means providing bus fares for people who need it and food at the meetings.

- We need to pay the travel and food expenses of people who will be providing us with training in facilitation, non-hierarchical learning techniques, gender awareness, safer-spaces and first aid.

- We are going to start work on the space we will use to run our workshops and drop ins. We would like to buy personal protective equipment for people to use during this work so everyone is safe and comfortable

- We would love to be able to pay facilitators for their time. At the moment we are asking people to do it for free, but we believe people should be paid for their time and energy where possible

- We would like as many people as possible to do an official first aid certificate

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