Spirit of Cumbria Glass Stars

Spirit of Cumbria Glass Stars

Suzanne Burgess needs just £250 to buy supplies to make gorgeous glass stars to be sold to raise funds for the Cumbrian Flood Relief Fund.

We did it!

On 8th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £624 of £250 target with 25 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Whoop whoop, we are now into overfunding, which means every penny now goes straight to the people of Cumbria who need it! It also means that we are holding open the campaign until 8th January so we can raise as much as possible, so the stars won't be with you before Christmas as stated in the campaign..

We really hope you understand that we wanted to keep the momentum of our campaign going so we can raise as much money as possible, and your star will look just as beautiful in your window in January!!

Thank you for you support so far, and keep sharing!

Suzanne Burgesss is a Cumbrian Glass Artist. Despite this time of the year being "full on" for us glass makers, Suzanne has diverted her glass making activities to help raise funds for her friends and neighbours whose lives have been devastated by Storm Desmond.

But she needs YOUR help. Glass making doesn't come cheap, and although Suzanne will be donating her time, her kiln and her electricity, she needs funds to buy materials to make the stars. As this crowdfunder builds, other glass artists could also be offering their time, so the more you donate the more we can make and the more money we can raise.

Flooding is terrible. It's not just water. It's raw sewage pumped into your home. It's heating oil seeping into your brickwork. It's living out of just one suitcase for 6 months. It's looking out at the rain every winter, and wondering if it's going to happen again... and again... and again...

As a long time resident of the Somerset Levels, my heart goes out to the people of Cumbria.  Just 2 winters ago, we were in their shoes, and it was hell. For some it still is. 

Insurance companies do not like big risks, so many people who have been flooded once, find they have exccess of £10,000, or their premiums are so high they can't afford any insurance at all. These are the people Suzanne wants to help, the only way she knows how, by creating beautiful works of art, in the medium she loves. Glass.

The people of Cumbria need £3 million.. 5,000 homes have been devastated, and that's just £600 a home. Suzanne COULD raise £2,500 with your help.

It's Christmas. 5,000 families will not be spending it in their own homes this year. Will you help Suzanne help them be back for Christmas 2016? 

For a pledge of just £12 your reward will be a Cumbrian Star.. what that will look like nobody knows, so this will be an adventure too.. but whatever the design, you can bet your sweet bootie it will be lush! It's glass after all!!!

Com'on, it's Christmas, for just £12 you get to feel good. ;) Just go for it.



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