'Spirit and Adventure' HEY GIRL magazine

by Simon Clemenger in Hove, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 16th July 2020 we successfully raised £1,400 with 55 supporters in 28 days

Simon Clemenger, founder of HEY GIRL magazine is raising funds to make issue five ‘Spirit and adventure’ a reality in print.

by Simon Clemenger in Hove, England, United Kingdom

Why did you start HEY GIRL?

I am a photographer who’s aim is to challenge the presence of toxic media and inequality in the media industry. In a world where images are retouched, airbrushed and power is taken away from the model, I want to empower people to have their say in the images used within the industry. I set up HEY GIRL magazine in 2017 wanting to create something positive, free-spirited and with a sense kindness mixed with creativity.

HEYGIRL as a brand

Media used in the wrong way can be extremely damaging to a person’s mental health and self-esteem. The pressure to conform to unrealistic expectations distorts reality and masks the voices of real, unique and beautiful people. I have always wanted to run a magazine that inspires, promotes equality and empowers along with being cool, fun and supportive.

HEYGIRL was built on the values of Freedom and Love. Freedom to choose, freedom to showcase a person for who they truly are, freedom to be yourself. We aim to break society’s unrealistic expectations, to advocate for real shapes, sizes, for real people. HEYGIRL champions body positivity, diversity and as a policy, we don’t airbrush people in our images.

Issue five, Spirit & Adventure 

Dive into the pages of our latest edition ‘Spirit & Adventure’. This summer scorcher has a real fire at its core. Escape, be transported to another space and immerse yourself in the bright, bold and empowering landscape of our adrenaline seekers, creatives and lots of other amazing individuals. ‘Spirit and Adventure’ will give our reader the opportunity to experience new landscapes and connect with some of the worlds most fierce and formidable people with fire and independence at their very core.

To make 'Spirit & Adventure' a print reality we need your support!

We believe passionately about challenging the norm, promoting body positivity and capturing the positive energy of inspiring individuals across the globe. Seeing HEY GIRL’s mission come to life in print is our goal with this crowdfunder. 

With your help, we aim to print 500 copies of issue five Spirit & Adventure. Now more than ever we need to connect. Connect with each other, connect with ourselves and transport ourselves into a world where we can achieve anything. We want you to follow your dreams, find your spirit and invite you to feel the freedom that HEY GIRL’S brand was built upon in the beautiful pages of this edition.

To print this beautiful issue, we need £2,500.

Who will be showcased in this edition?

In this edition, we explore the theme Spirit & Adventure with so many amazing people. We wanted to get the story behind the words and asked 

“What’s your idea of an adventure? What does the word spirit mean to you?”

At a time where society is set to divide us, the importance of these answers and the ability for the responses to inspire our readers has never been more important. Our mission at HEY GIRL is to learn from each other,  celebrate our differences and do so in a way that is non-judgemental. Hopefully, this Issue will inspire us all to have micro-adventures of our own and remember every day can be an adventure full of positive spirit!

In this issue some of the amazing people we celebrate:

Naala - (On the cover) A creative goddess, in her own words... 

"I’m a little alien fairy left here on earth to spread love and joy." 

From face paint glamour to TV presenting to dancing .. she expresses her energy in her own way.


The real catwalk - This event was curated to showcase the power of diverse body types. The day’s street event of collective energy was pure love and freedom for all, one of our favourite days last year. Our amazing models took to the streets and showed everyone their 'The Real Catwalk'. 



Roxanne - A 'B-girl'. This high energy shoot showcased her strength and skills as a breakdancer in the urban world. Exploring the power of her body and movement … pure dance spirit.


Ade Adepitan - TV presenter, Paralympic medalist, children author …. Ade’s talent, kindness and insight are real strengths … having the opportunity to set up a natural photoshoot gave us the chance to get to know the real Ade … he talks about his amazing worldwide adventures and his positive spirit.


And many many many more amazing people.


"In a soulfully synthetic society, it's epic to know there is a true alternative outlet. HEY GIRL magazine is an energising, straight-talking publication promoting  positivity, creativity and mindful freedom.”

Vanessa Barrett - Cabaret dancer and voice over artist.

“In a world that can sometimes feel overloaded with prejudices, negative preconceptions, and the pressure to constantly create and curate perfection through our social media platforms HEY GIRL magazine is breath of fresh air. 

I love their brand philosophy which is to go against the norm and show people that there are many ways to enjoy fashion. Most of all it’s the positive and inclusive vibe that you get from Simon. I’m black and I have a disability, I never see anybody like myself on the covers or even inside magazines. HEY GIRL is changing that by trying to truly reflect the world we live in today, and showing it’s cool to be different!”

Ade Adepitan - BBC TV presenter, children's author.

“For me, it is a collective of strong amazing women who through different means, mediums and walks of life are coming together to show how strong we are. All of us have a voice and we are using it to build each other up through HEY GIRL

Even though we are in 2020, so many minorities are still being silenced but not in HEY GIRL. We all have a voice and a chance to share our experiences through this media platform to build a strong foundation for the next generation. HEY GIRL is a beacon in a world that seems to be backtracking on the freedom of women.”

Fuchsia Carter - Disabled actress and model.


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