Spine Pop-up Community Cinema

Spine Pop-up Community Cinema

To Raise funds for equipment to screen a vast variety films the raise funds for charity around the local community for a wide audience.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I'm having surgery soon for a degenerative spine disease known as Scheurmans disease where my spine is deformed at a 90 degree curve. 

The recovery process shall be a long one so to fill my  time I am looking to establish a 'pop-up' community cinema service. A project I have long wanted to establish. 

I intend the events to be a non-profit-making scheme using admission prices for the licence and upkeep of the equipment and donations to a wide range charitable organisation chosen for each screening. 

Charities for consideration include Medicinema an organisation that operates cinemas inside hospitals. The BFI film is fragile campaign, Tommy's and the RNLI

I am also of course raising funds to purchase the equipment needed to start up the project. 

My future aims for the project are to show a wide variety of films for audiences of all ages and bringing communities together.