Spiela is a collaborative network empowering young people as a whole, but with a particular mission to create collaborative opportunities.

We did it!

On 14th Sep 2016 we successfully raised £1,455 with 41 supporters in 35 days

Spiela is a collaborative network empowering young people as a whole, but with a particular mission to engage those from minority backgrounds and ensure that they have a safe and supportive space in which to engage and network with others.

Spiela facilitates networking and conversation covering a diverse range of topics including business and employment, education, faith, culture and politics. We provide a Q&A side which gives us a more collaborative and educational aspect to what we do. We have had celebrities, activists, authors, politicans and many more speak directly with the Spiela community. This is our main feature and really what represents Spiela; real life influencers using our platform to share, motivate, engage and inspire other people. You can view some of our guests here:Www.facebook.com/spielafanpage.

The main goal is to create a product that provides opportunities through collaboration whilst simultaneously providing more information on various topics. We believe everyone is influential in some way so anyone is allowed to join, contribute and share their view on the platform for the world to see. As a backer, you will be recognised in the Spiela hall of fame and have first access to all of the exciting events and initiatives we will be launching.

Progress so far:

  • 2,000 members in just three months
  • Our alpha website is in development90595-114e5545dbac75f17c63fc016f912907.p
  • Spiela community members have marched during protests90595-a03f26e393c59b6d5588a690c7c4e994.j
  • Freelancers in the community have collaborated with  members and provided their services
  • Our musical members have been invited onto radio such as Shoreditch station to broadcast their talent
  • 90595-7fcca29a16e9022535bf8ae29346fb1a.j
  • Our company launch party has fostered strong networking within the community90595-1e68765772d28b65a73178e8cb9f2a09.j90595-233fbe40cc326f0357718a08b4f18268.j
  • We will be launching our international arm in the coming months as our aim is to become a global movement

          Organisations we collaborate with

Below are two groups we work with to better opportunities for our community and young people. The timebank assist the elderly and the wilderness provide a safe space for young kids/children.                  


About us

Ivan Kayima - CEO and Founder

Richard Skene - CTO


Richard and I met at the University of Portsmouth in 2010. We both studied Digital Technology and graduated with the same degree (1st class).

We both came from very humble beginnings and managed to overcome bad situations in our lives. My father passed when I was 8 and my mother, who was a young single parent, struggled to raise two young twins (my sister and I) and we were eventually made homeless. As a result, we moved in with relatives and all seven of us lived in a two-bedroomed flat for a number of years.

As they say, once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. I witnessed my mother persevere and put her all into creating a better life for my sister and I. The fruits of her labour have truly been prosperous. She is now in a senior professional role, owns her own property and has provided everything that my sister and I need and more. This has always motivated me to get the most out of life. I grew up in Lewisham, South London, which is statistically one of the worst boroughs in London. I have experienced being targeted by police and even arrested. I was bullied as a child for my physical features and for years battled with an overwhelming desire to fit in.

When I applied and got into Bullers Wood college, my confidence developed and I discovered that it is so much better to stand out than to fit in. I chose to make the most out of life, using the same things that I was bullied out to my advantage; I was teased for being big, so I joined an American Football team. I was told I’m too loud and flamboyant, so I took up acting. My traditional academic skills weren’t the best, so I instead developed a passion for Digital Technology, which I have had an obsession with from a young age (yes, I still play Playstation)

I inherited from my mother the ability to excel in any situation and I have learned how beneficial it is to have positive influences around me, always encouraging me to do and be better. This is what drives me and Richard and what motivated us to get Spiela to where it is now and we want you to be a part of this journey to excellence.

What we will do with your support

Knowledge is power and we aim to build the most powerful collaborative network for the current and future generations. Our community has a 30%  daily growth rate at just 4 months old and we now want to make our vision a reality with your help.  With £25,000 funding we are able to:

  • Build our enterprise website for our growing community. -£3,000
  • Maintain our servers. -£2,000
  • Put on more collaborative events for our community and young people. -£10,000
  • Invite more influential speakers onto the Q and A and grow our community even more so that we can make a difference on a global scale. - £5,000
  • Marketing the Spiela brand - £3,000
  • Growth strategy & execution -£2,000



Check us out at:



The goal of this campaign is to rapidly grow the next best social collaborative movement. YOU can make a difference by donating so that we can continue to make the world a better place.  Click the pledge button today.

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