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Spices at Work

An online platform for people to list and for organizations to discover a short term activities which immediately boost happiness at work.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 126 days

We want people to experience greater happiness at work.

Our simple solution will help:

  • employees to spice up their work life;
  • managers to maintain and control a high level of employee motivation;
  • people with various professions to earn extra monay.

Current situation. Employee engagement is a hot topic today. At companies ranging from startups to corporate giants, managers are using host of tools, services and consultants to help improve their employees workplace satisfaction. Happiness and wellbeing at work are the foundation of a productive and optimized organization and makes a real difference to a company's bottom line. However....

Problem. Millions of people still experience monotony and stress at work. Both of them not only kills productivity, but also makes employees unhappy. Monotony and stress are declared enemies of happiness. Managers try to do their best, but too often they are overloaded with daily tasks, therefore do not have time to create and implement something new, something that regularly surprises and inspires, something that makes employees to feel alive and excited. That is why just one Team Building event and Christmas Party at the end of the year is usually organized. Two expensive activities are not changing the status quo. 

Solution. We are creating an online platfrom, for people to list and organizations/managers to discover,  a wide range of short-term activities, which immediately boost employee happiness at work, thus helping managers to control and maintain a high level of employee motivation. 


Unlike other expensive and traditional employee engagement activities (perks, seminars, corporate parties etc.)  our platform helps managers with a busy hectic daily life to save time and allows employees to experience meaningful, magic moments on a regular basis. This is because:

  1. Huge variety of non traditional, inspiring activities are in the one dedicated place;
  2. Simple booking and payment process;
  3. Opportunity to book activities for a specified period in advance (each month, quarter).
  4. All activities are implemented at work place;
  5. All Activities have possibility to last just one hour.

Today we are in the developing stage, therefore we kindly ask you guys to support our Big Idea and help other people to experience greater happiness at work!

If you have any ideas, proposals, suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Spice up your work life!

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