Spice Origin - Rescue Plan

by Ben Barney in Dorking, England, United Kingdom


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The SpiceOrigin Rescue plan, aim to accelerate recovery of the business for both our farmers and our customers who rely on us.

by Ben Barney in Dorking, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

  • Achieve discounts buy buying in bulk
  • Launch additional products for cancer protocols e.g. higher strength curcumin extracts
  • Create brands for different target audiences e.g. sports people, mental acuity, joint mobility and different pet types.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused many problems for small businesses. At SpiceOrigin, this meant our farmers in South India not being able to process and sell their newly harvested stock and us not being able to import vital spices and other inventory to serve our customers who rely on us so much. 

However, we will be back bigger and stronger with the help of you. We have procured stock of this years turmeric and black pepper harvest which will arrive in a couple of weeks and we are preparing to manufacture the first batch of Golden Paste and deliver to our loyal and patient customer base. 


We are also looking to invest in some new products so we can provide relief to a broader audience. These include:

*Golden Paste in a capsule* and,

*Golden Paste powder*

This will allow us to have an even longer shelf life of this amazing product, create brands for different segments of the market e.g. a pet specific product, and to launch into new markets internationally. 

Covid will be our springboard for massive growth!

Thank you in advance


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