Speech and language therapy for change!

Speech and language therapy for change!

Reducing criminal offending through early intervention of speech and language difficulties

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Project aim

Reducing criminal offending through early intervention of speech and language difficulties

About the project

I have been offered an internship in Melbourne, Australia between 31st August and 20th September working under Professor Pamela Snow.  Her projects currently aim to address underlying speech and language problems which result in criminal behaviour.  She is currently tackling the issues with underlying difficulties in primary age children, teacher perceptions of speech and language issues in their students as well as in first time young offenders.

I am expected to be involved in data collection and analysis from grade 1 teachers and students from 80 schools across Melbourne and wider Victoria between 1st and 20th September.  I will be learning the practical intricacies of such extensive research and intervention, including visiting the 'HQ' in Bendigo to gain deeper insight into what is involved in exploring and creating such widespread social change.

When I return, I will be working closely with members of a multidisciplinary team of peers in different fields as well as my University department and the wider university to begin putting such measures in place in our local community, perhaps extending to the UK en masse in the longer term.

This is a very exciting project with genuine impact for social change and is already making great waves in the land down under.

I have already received some grants towards the project and am working around my studies to self fund a large proportion of costs.  I would be grateful for any contributions third parties would like to make towards this endeavour, it is very exciting and I am so grateful to be a part of this research.  I have worked very hard to arrange this opportunity for myself and have been greatly encouraged by my funding bodies who have been complimentary of the intiative taken to bring practical and social change back to the UK.

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