Specialist support for dyslexic individuals

by Nadya Rashad in Timperley, England, United Kingdom

Specialist support for dyslexic individuals
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I am trying to raise funds to have an extension built so I can work from home as an assessor and specialist teacher for dyslexic individuals

by Nadya Rashad in Timperley, England, United Kingdom

Everybody has a journey, and mine started to take shape during the lockdown. I never imagined that id ever have the time to myself that I did. 

I wanted to make the lockdown experience at the start of the pandemic a positive one for my son and I. We kept on top of the home schooling and sent our appreciations to the school for providing it. We also tried to cheer up our community by painting a pebble a day with positive messages on for people to read as they walked by on their daily exercise.

I also began to reflect and think about our future. I began my masters in dyslexia. Having worked in education for years now, I have developed a passion for special needs. I want to become a specialist teacher for dyslexia and to be able to assess for and write access arrangements for individuals to entitle them to the support and extra time in exams they need. In addition to this I also make emotional literacy resources to help autistic children, so the work space would give me the proper space to continue to do this rather than my makeshift workshop in my bedroom. 

I do some tuition from home at the moment to help top up my salary as a part time teaching assistant but it is out of my parents home. This sadly may not continue for much longer as although we have been fortunate enough to not be hit by illness during the pandemic, we have been hit hard financially. Family members have been made redundant, my father who is 69 and should be retired is having to continue working to help support these individuals in our family. It will likely lead to the selling of the family home to continue to give this support. Already last month my father wasnt paid his salary...we hope its a case of it just being delayed...

When the house is sold I will no longer have that office space to work out of. To be able to work from home at my own place I need to have an extension built which im desperately saving for and would appreciate whatever help I can get, it will enable me to fulfil my dream of providing support for  dyslexic individuals to help them reach their full potential. Any extra funding raised will go towards providing assessments and report writing to those from deprived backgrounds that may be on long waiting lists or cant afford to pay privately to get the arrangements they need. Thank you for reading my cause...


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