Special Times for Special Memories

Special Times for Special Memories

Vintage Tea Parties help to combat isolation.  On the 30th December 2016 we propose to host a Christmas Vintage Tea Party in the centre...

We did it!

On 4th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £500 of £500 target with 16 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

If we over reach our target we will visit local groups who currently have a sole purpose to combat isolation within their community by offering them our time as guest speakers at a meeting date of their choice. We will take our memorabilia to evoke conversation of past times and share memories that otherwise may be lost. We will supply the tea and cakes to make it a truly vintage and memorable meeting at no cost to themselves. We will continue to make visits throughout the borough until the very last penny has been spent.

Vintage Tea Parties - please help to combat isolation.  On the 30th December 2016 we propose to host a Christmas Vintage Tea Party in the centre of Doncaster where we expect to have over 50 guests from our community to attend who would otherwise be sat alone isolated in their own homes.  

Personal and community isolation has a huge impact on the health of the most vulnerable in our society; it is well documented and can be researched very easily over the internet.  Aspiring2 CIC have first hand experience and evidence of this devastating and sometimes heart wrenching effects that loneliness has on many of the people we support in our locality.

We have previously been funded to host fun innovative, interactive community Vintage Tea Parties, evoking memories from the past, encouraging conversation by sharing those memories and have evidence of forming new and long-lasting friendships within our local communities. We achieved this by organising parties throughout the borough of Doncaster where 20 to 25 people attended each party.

Our funding has now come to a close and therefore our request is to ask you to help us as a small not for profit organisation to host a large event between Christmas and the New Year which is nationally identified as the loneliest time of the year.

Although a high percentage of our guests have been diagnosed with Alzheimer related illnesses many others are those who care for their partner or parent and are equally socially isolated due to their commitment to care. Others have disabilities and rely heavily on their carers being around, some of our guests are no longer in touch with family and friends and others have outlived their partner, in some cases have even outlived their children.  Your donation will help us to make a difference for all these people. 

Christmas time and how magical this festive season should be can in reality be the loneliest time of all for some of our most vulnerable and socially isolated individuals within our community.  Think of this scenario:  all the family visit the week before, bring a gift but also invite you to go along to their home for a few days and then suggest that you don't have to stay for the whole of Christmas and New Year and before you know it Christmas Day has been and gone and you are back in your own home lonely again.  By donating just a few pounds you can change that period of loneliness and help to make memories that last for days, weeks and even longer.  

Set the Party Scene:

The room will be decorated as a 1940s parlour or the 'best front room' as it used to be called. 1940s music will be playing, the tables will be set using vintage 1930's & 40s best bone china, the volunteers will be attentive and serve afternoon tea of sandwiches and cream cakes on vintage cake stands, serving tea and coffee from bone china tea and coffee pots. Memorabilia as shown in our picture will adorn each table and our guests will be encouraged to talk to each other and share memories that specific items or pieces of music have for them personally. We will share these memories with the wider audience towards the end of the day and suggest those who share the same memory will have the opportunity to exchange contact details and meet up again.

After tea has been served and the music has progressed to the 1950's a guest singer and performer will entertain our guests for an hour of singing, dancing and laughter. We have the opportunity of securing an entertainer whose act is 'George Formby' he encourages a sing-along and creates laughter throughout his set.

Lastly we will offer a gift for every guest, in some cases it will be the only Christmas gift that they will have received.

During and at the end of the event we gather additional information where possible to identify where other support and services can continue to make a difference and signpost where relevant or needed. 


Social isolation cannot be solved in one day or one event but your donation can make a start to someone's journey of friendship and support. Here is some of the feedback that we received from our event last year.

'I didn't want to get up this morning let alone go out, I am so glad I did, I have had a marvellous time'.  

'I have met people who are lonely like me and now a friend who likes the same things as I do. We now meet up and go shopping, thank you Aspiring2'

'These parties remind me of my wife; she always liked a good family party and always left the washing up for me. I have had a brilliant day with some fantastic people and no pots to wash'

'I have laughed so much and had a brilliant day, more please'

Our locally based not for profit organisation could not continue without funders and dedicated volunteers. Please help us to make a difference. The amount of donation we are asking for is to support the small pot we already have available as match funding. With your help we will be able to make our event extra special. The donations will directly assist with the purchase of the food and drinks, the rental of the venue, the cost of the entertainer and a gift for every guest.

You can visit our facebook page and see lots of fantastic pictures and videos from previous parties.

Thank you for reading our story. 

Nicky & Sue

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