Raising the Roof - a new classroom for Spadework

by Spadework in Offham, England, United Kingdom

Raising the Roof - a new classroom for Spadework
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An indoor space for adults with learning and other disabilities to support them as they learn new life skills and achieve their potential.

by Spadework in Offham, England, United Kingdom

Spadework is an independent registered charity based in Kent that provides care, support and meaningful opportunities for adults with learning and other disabilities (our Trainees).

(Photo above: Two of our Trainees in our Vegetable Garden)

We have been providing these opportunities since 1984. Here's what one of our Trainees said about our 35th birthday.

"Congratulations to Spadework for being open for 35 years. I love coming in and helping if I can and it gets me out of the flat to meet up with my friends. It's helped me when I was sad but with the help of the staff I got over it. So let's hope Spadework goes on from strength to strength".

(Photo above: One of our Trainees who celebrates 35 years at Spadework)

We want to provide additional meaningful opportunities for adults with learning disabilities. We currently provide opportunities in horticulture, woodwork, retailing, craft, catering and hospitality.

(Photo above: A Trainee and a volunteer making crafts)

We live in a world where vulnerable adults need to feel safe. Our five acre rural site provides a space for these adults to not only learn new skills, but also to interact with other members of the community and to share these skills. We work with local schools, active retirement associations, local businesses and residents and other community groups to create a safe, joyful environment.

(Photo above: Trainees and corporate volunteers tidying the Vegetable Garden)

This project is about providing a new classroom for our Trainees in which to learn, grow and reach their full potential. At the moment Spadework provides a number of amazing activities, sessions and workshops. A new classroom would not only provide a space for us to offer more activities to more vulnerable adults, but it also means when we cannot work outside we have a safe, warm, dry space for our Trainees.

Our Trainees are the reason that our charity exists and we are passionate that each individual receives the very best care, support and opportunities.

How our activities benefit our Trainees

We have many examples of how the activities we provide have benefited our Trainees, here we share one from our horticultural area. We believe the classroom project will also deliver similar benefits for individuals:

When C started in September 2016, he stayed for part of a day with his personal assistant. He worked in the vegetable growing area and was unable to focus on the task that had to be done and was not able to engage with the rest of the group. He has autism, with dyspraxia and other health issues. Over time, having regular weekly sessions when he knows that there is an expectation to be task focused he has gained confidence and is now able to stay for longer and sometimes without his personal assistant. The larger space in the covered vegetable garden has enabled him to tackle a task and work on it, at his pace but still feel part of the horticulture team.

(Photo above: Thumbs up to Spadework!)

The measurable effect of a new classroom

We offer a 12 month service at Spadework, meaning that classrooms and inside space are essential to keep our Trainees warm, dry and safe in the winter. 

A new classroom would mean we are able to provide an additional 21,840 hours of care to our Trainees, which would improve their lives, independence and well-being.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

All of our supporters who pledge £50 will be welcomed on site to enjoy a complementary cup of tea or coffee for two.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

All of our supporters who pledge £20 will receive a special "Thank you" postcard, designed by our Trainees.

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

For everyone of our supporters who pledge £500, we will invite you to an on site event to visit our charity, to be shown around by our Trainees and to celebrate our successful fundraising.

£1,000 or more

£1000 Reward

Donors will be offered our thanks with a personalised plaque/brick of gratitude on our Wall of Fame on the side of our new classroom.

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