by Ryan Hardy in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

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The aim of this project is to create a meaningful short drama piece that we hope to take to film festivals.

by Ryan Hardy in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom


Space Probe Jerry is a film about a socially awkward yet functioning man, Jerry, he is a kind of every-man for this generations sub culture of 20 something men who don’t fit into the classical ideals of masculinity. Jerry seeks no large goal and the film is not one about high consequence, fate of the world endings. It is about a man who has a best friend and how the two ultimately lose grasp on each other after breaking the sacrosanct nature of their weekly cinema trips. 

The film also has a parallel story being told throughout, a story about a man left alone in mission control helplessly watching as the space probe he is charged with watching finds itself in peril, ultimately being destroyed. The Man in mission control is none other than Jerry, the probe being a metaphor for Jerry’s inner peace and fragile state of mind. The destruction of the probe coinciding with the argument between him and his best friend


Ryan Hardy is a Director/ DOP from Boston in the heart of the rural Lincolnshire fen-lands, With a deep connection to the landscape and his country roots. Currently living in Lincoln and studying at the university with a place to go onto to a masters degree. Ryan has a deep connection with landscape and architecture, both elements he tries to emphasize though his cinematography, with a particular love of SCI-FI and British Social Realist cinema. Starting off higher education training to be an architectural engineer before being overcome by his interest in film-making and radically changing the course of his education. To this date Ryan has shot and worked on many short films and even as a gaffer on an independent feature production and as a runner for the amazon show The Grand Tour. Also working as a film festival coordinator for the Indie Lincs International film festival, giving him a perfect first hand insight into the film festival circuit.  


Frank Flores is a First AD/editor from London. First gaining an interest in media in secondary school, it has been a passion for him ever since, and he enjoys all types of media from film to video games. He has worked on several short fiction and documentary pieces, and has also worked in a range of roles often involving elements of production. He is currently studying Media Production at the University of Lincoln, where he has been able to experiment in different roles and develop his skills, while also exploring his interests in media cultures.

HEATHER GRAY - Costume and Production Designer

Heather Gray, a 22 year old Illustrator from Nottingham, currently studying with the University of Lincoln is a first time costume designer for the film industry but has worked extensively in the fashion world and has always had an interest for film costuming and production design. Heather has a passion for independent film and hopes to go onto working with the cast and crew in other productions as well as a desire to continue exploring her place within the film costume world.

AMY KNOWLES - Producer

Amy has produced multiple projects in the past ranging from science fiction to drama some of which have awarded her with nominations for film achievement awards. Amy is currently living in Lincoln and studying her MA in Film Production with a drive to focus on a career in producing and screenwriting. Amy likes to challenge and expand her producing capabilities and aims to work on projects that bring real life issues to life through cinema while also creating a piece that she is proud of and can ultimately exhibit in festivals. Amy is excited to begin working on Space Probe Jerry and looks forward to bringing the characters to life while having an amazing crew around her. 

DENHOLM MUNN - VFX Artist and 3D Modeler

Denholm Munn is a 3D Artist based in the Midlands, UK. Currently living in Nottingham commuting and working remotely on projects around the globe. Having graduated a BA in Animation and currently studying a MA in Design, Denholm has an varied work flow in the design sector.  Producing CGI for the short along with management of the 3D prints.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more


Release of the film, copy of the soundtrack, digital poster

£10 or more


Early release of the film, digital poster, digital copy of the soundtrack, behind the scenes content

£20 or more

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Early release of the film, physical poster, digital copy of the soundtrack, behind the scenes content, wallet sized token cards, 3D model of the SP-J probe

£50 or more

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SP-J Deep Space Endeavor

Early release of the film, physical poster, digital copy of the soundtrack, behind the scenes content, wallet sized token cards, 3D model of the SP-J probe. Stand Alone Credit as a financier of the film. Plus special invention to a private screening of SP-J

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