Space at my table

Space at my table

A social enterprise that brings people together through their love of food and helps us support and take action against UK and world hunger.

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We are two women who consider ourselves  very lucky to have spent time travelling and meeting amazing people around the world - and like most, many of our great experiences have been whilst sitting around a table and sharing a meal and stories.  

So many of us want to connect with people in a genuine way, whether that be whilst on a holiday  in another continent or in our own city, town or village. And for us, food is the best way to bring people together! 

So our plan is:

1. Find sociable folk who like to cook.

2. Help those cooking folk find foodie folk who want to eat at their table.

3. Offer a secure website and app for these two lots of folk to safely come together and enjoy yummy food and good company.

4. Support those in our communities locally and in other countries to be able to enjoy a meal too. Each space at a table booked will include a contribution to pay for a meal for someone else in the UK or abroad - your decision where.

We are looking to crowdfund to ensure we can build the site, app, get the word out there and set up the support networks for all involved. 

How it works:

1. We create a secure app and website.

2. Person A signs up to host a meal, and says they have 5 'spaces at their table'.

3. Person B books a space at Person A's table.

4. Person B chooses whether they would like to buy a meal  for someone local to them or in another country (Person C).

5. We ensure that Person C is given a meal, which is paid for from a percentage of Person B's  booking. (We do this with our support network with charities, soup kitchens and shelters in the UK and internationally.)

The dream:

1. Bring people together.

2. Create genuine connections with real people in communities both locally and around the world.

3. Raise the profile and take action for hunger in the UK, and globally. Over 8 million people in the UK have trouble putting food on the table and 4.7 million regularly go a day without eating a meal.  Around the world, 842 million people do not have enough of the food they need to live an active, healthy life.

4. Help people around the world to engage in responsible and ethical tourism that supports local people globally. 

5. Empower people through their love of food and entertaining to host, earn money and share their passion. 

We need your support to achieve this, if you can - please pledge!