by Sasha Pinnock in London, England, United Kingdom

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The aim of my project is to secure the required funding needed to purchase a bulk of Trackers and Jackets.

by Sasha Pinnock in London, England, United Kingdom

My name is Sasha Pinnock and I BA hons Business and Marketing graduate. I have a beautiful 8 year daughter who as inspired me to pursue this project and make it a reality.I started working on the SP Tracked Safety Jackets for Primary school children and vulnerable road users over 3 years ago. Seeing the affects from the terrorist attacks in London pushed me even further to get this product out on the market. Currently my team is very school and only consists of me. I will be employing x3 other staff members in the near future to help with this project.  The vision for this project is to secure £10000 to buy a bulk of safety and winter jackets and also buy the SP Trackers in a bigger bulk so that I can get it at a cheaper base rate. The vision is for all Primary schools in London and the surrounding areas to buy the SP Tracked safety jackets so that they can use them on school trips, days out and trips abroad. The jacket is made to also help people with dementia and Alzheimer's. They will be able to see exactly where there children and loved ones are when they are away on trips or days out. Its a very secured platform and only selected family members and teachers will have access to the information received about your children. The Trackers is chargeable and can send real-time updates every 10 seconds. The Tracked jackets can also be used in over 100+ countries. For instance, parents can track their children in theme parks and busy areas. Parents are able to set perimeters for children on the app. you will be updated as soon as a child steps outside the perimeter. The Sp Tracked Safety jackets can be purchased in an array of colours to match their school uniforms and you can also purchase winter Tracked jackets. I would like to create jobs through this project and make a difference within the community especially amongst young children. I would like to lease my jackets to theme parks, days parks, etc. I will use the money raised to purchase the right equipment needed for the project, I will buy branding materials to create awareness, Jackets, Trackers and pay for staff to help run the safety work shops in school to teach children the importance of keeping the jackets on when they are on school trips etc. 


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