Keeping Health in Mind:Growing thru Mental Illness

To fund Soul Purpose and it's goal to produce it's greatest clothing range yet, one that champions the heart of life changing individuals.

We did it!

On 24th May 2018 we successfully raised £950 with 28 supporters in 21 days

Over the past three years we have built and refined a brand that stands for the importance of people and the connection they have with one another, this year we are going one step further to prove how the power of collaboration can be an incredibly powerful tool to do great things.

Who are we?
We are Soul Purpose, started by two friends who wanted to change the face of the christian clothing scene and offer high quality, ethical clothing that brings people together and gets them talking about the things that are important to them and how they can make a difference. Since then the response to what we have been doing has been sensational and we are dying to give you more!

In 2018 we want to demonstrate the power of collaboration in the products we put out.
Once you have helped us make this range possible we will then donate £2 pounds of every sale to an amazing cause. This enables us to meet new people, explore and be inspired by the incredible work they do and then champion their good works, both supporting them financially and giving them a new platform from which to share their message. We've been blessed with the opportunity to meet these incredible people on our journey and invite them along, even reflecting what they do through our products... So, who is Keeping Health in Mind?

Who are they?
The second collaboration in this year's set of three is our work with Keeping Health in Mind.With the growing prevalence of Mental Illness we felt it important to spot light the essential work the church is doing to address this issue. Keeping Health in Mind seek to equip those in the church with the tools and understanding to support those suffering from mental illness. Through workshops, recourses and teaching they

"Statistics show that 1 in 4 of us will have a mental health problem at some time in our lives... Spend some time thinking about what this means for you as a church... You don't need to be an expert about mental health to be able to support someone and be a friend... We hope that [those suffering from mental illness] will find a welcome within the church, among the people who know Jesus to be the one who brings freedom."

Through workshops, resources and teaching KHiM have seen changes in the churches attitude and awareness of Mental Illness, but their is still a long way to go...  

What are we doing?
Each crowd funded collaboration is based around the message of those we work with and how that relates to our faith.
To lift up and support the life changing work of Keeping Health in Mind, we want to use Soul Purpose products and resources to start and keep the conversation going. We have already developed artwork and ideas that, with your funding, we can continue to develop into a full range. To give you an idea of what this might look like check out our mock up product shots below. Additional lines will further help to support the work of the individuals we collaborate with and play a part in our mission to help 'christian clothing' stand for high quality, people focused, authentic products.

We are starting this range with a set of men's and women's tops each hand screen printed with a beautiful chest design courtesy of our fantastic guest artist, Beatrix Callow.

What does it mean?
People who experience mental health problems and those who care for them often describe their experience as like being held captive, of being excluded or locked out of the world. Keeping Health in Mind's message focuses on that found in 2 Corinthians 5:17

                     Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

It is a message of freedom, of release from our past and growth into new life: "Free to grow, free to belong, free to worship" - KHiM

Through the beautiful work of our very first guest artist, Beatrix Calow, we have captured this message of new life out of difficult circumstances through the image of two women, representing the importance of community and support, lifting up new life from a beaten down and difficult past.

It is a reflective and thought provoking image that we are eager to get out into the world and begin vital conversations about both mental illness and the importance God and community have in understanding and releasing people from it.

What difference will it make?
We want to inspire intrigue and connections through the designs we produce. The stories we have heard over the course of our 3 years, and experienced first hand, have been a huge encouragement to us and a reminder that the smallest action can make a difference.

Joel, an avid SP support told us:
Hey man, today a girl asked me about the King of Kings top I was wearing and I was able to explain it to her and witness just a tiny bit to her in a completely random situation I otherwise wouldn’t have been comfortable doing. Just thought I’d let you know to encourage you that the vision of starting conversations WORKS! and is helping people who wear your stuff witness the love of Jesus. Praying you guys have an amazing 2018, looking forward to lots of quality new stuff

If this reward wasn't enough, we also have the privileged of offering financial support to enable those we collaborate with. Our last series has already raised nearly £1200 for the fantastic work Change for Change do to help individuals in third world counties set up their own businesses and become self sufficient. Go and find out more about them at our website But not before you've checked out our fantastic Crowdfunder packages right here.

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