Sow, Grow, Eat

Sow, Grow, Eat

From sowing the seeds to growing their own vegetables to eat at home, we'll help adults with disabilities to taste what they sow.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are what we eat, so let's make sure we know where it comes from! Staff from Loudwater Studio work closely with adults with all kinds of disabilities from visual impairments to learning disabilities to get them creative in all kinds of ways so why not get creative with the soil.  

We've been offered a large polytunnel where we can take the opportunity to work with adults with disabilitiies teaching and supporting them to grow their own fruit and vegetables.  Working step by step our aim is to help everyone understand the right conditions for them to plant their own seeds, potting them on to grow into substantial plants from which eventually they will be able to crop the fruits of their labours to take back to the homes they live (some in supported care with a number of other adults, and some living independently in their own homes) to enjoy a really fresh meal, knowing exactly where the fruit and vegetables have come from.  We know there's nothing quite like to taste of your own home grown produce and the satisfaction of growing your own cannot be surpassed.  We work with many adults with visual impairment so this project would provide a fantastic opportunity to get the senses running, from the smells and textures of the plants, the taste of home grown produce and the sounds of working in a polytunnel, a completely different environment for all.  

Although safe and secure for those we will be working with, the site of the Polytunnel is on a busy A road in Shropshire where adverts could be placed inviting people to come and buy both plants to pot on or fruit and vegetables as they come into season.  The opportunities for entrepreneurship for a faction of society not always able to give back are endless and we hope that everyone sees the good we could do and sponsor our project to get us off the ground.