by SOW for FUTURE in Castle Acre, England, United Kingdom



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Sow for Future project aims to rekindle the community spirit at the hearts of our villages, inspiring collective action globally

by SOW for FUTURE in Castle Acre, England, United Kingdom

Child led, parent powered and community supported idea began at the heart of our quaint village of Castle Acre, positioned exactly in the midsection of the Peddar's Way, an ancient route across our glorious county of Norfolk, UK

The children at our local Castle Acre Primary Academy have fund-raised money and were partially donated further funds towards a brand new poly tunnel earlier in the year, prior to the outburst of the current global pandemic in March. This initiative was run by the Charity associated with our school Friends of the Castle Acre Primary. 

The poly tunnel sat in the corridors of our school for months and we are planning to allocate it at our children's schools garden this weekend

We thought that it would be a good idea to get our local community involved with collection of seeds and have asked all avid gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts to save their seeds and donate them to our newly established community SEED BANK box

We hope our project could rekindle the community spirit which has been dormant over the past few months due to all the usual events being cancelled

The funds we raise will be used 

1.The SOW for FUTURE project 

-to support this community initiative itself

Printing of the posters, newsletters and further instructions explaining the project to our community, we aim to be zero waste producing, though we feel at this initial stage it is important to engage with our community through a printed information pack laying out the initiative

Purchasing of some essential materials which couldn't be recycled, the stickers, hand sanitizers and further cleaning products to keep our SEED BANK box clean and COVID 19 proof

Covering the costs of some of the materials used for our rewards, their packaging and distribution


-to bring our project out into the world in 21st century in the midst of the global pandemic, we have to ensure we have the right technology to communicate with each other within our community and out into the world

Buy advanced form of the ZOOM platform so we can stay in touch with each other in case we face another lockdown and to stay in touch with our friends around the globe joining us in this initiative

Fund the design of a website for our project


-to acquire gardening equipment and accessories for our children

Purchasing of gardening tools and accessories for our children use, whether it be at the school or at our community allotment


Our aim is to work towards leaving zero trace and use recycled and upcycled materials wherever possible, following principles of sustainability

Igniting love for our planet in our children is our ultimate objective as love for our planet lays at the heart of all that we practise

The rewards will be facilitated by the local ACRE BOTANICALS based in Castle Acre

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