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Southowram Community Wellbeing Development Project

by Beacon Rangers Jnr Football Club in Southowram, England, United Kingdom

Southowram Community Wellbeing Development Project
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To enhance the Social and Mental Wellbeing of villagers aged 6 to 80 in Southowram, Halifax with improved facilities and sports equipment.

by Beacon Rangers Jnr Football Club in Southowram, England, United Kingdom

This combined community project by Beacon Rangers Junior Football Club, St Anne’s Southowram Scout Group, St Anne’s Church, Withinfields Primary School and SOFA, (Southowram Over 50’s Activities),  presents a wonderful opportunity to create and strengthen bonds across different sections of the community.
Project Aims
1)    Improve the pitch quality at Withinfields to prevent waterlogging to ensure all year-round use.  The pitch was made when the school was constructed and with little thought to drainage, basically providing a flat green space.  Last season a large percentage of games between November and March had to be postponed which was frustrating for the children and parents/carers/supporters.  This was also the case for the school who could not use the field for any activities.  
2)    Construct a running track/path within the grounds of Withinfields School. This would enable the school to take part in the daily 1km challenge to improve fitness and healthy lifestyles for the children.  The track will be used all year round and available to be used by the football team for training and warm up prior to matches.  The track will also available for the Scout Group to use for sporting badge work, team work and a sports day and any other use they have for it throughout the year, plus any suitable ‘SOFA’ activities.
3)    Improve facilities at St Anne’s Community with the installation of a new kitchen, repairs to the  kitchen windows and improved storage.  The current kitchen and storage at the Community Hall is passed its best due to its age and continual use.  Installing a new kitchen and repairing the interior kitchen windows would mean that the hall would have a fully working kitchen for all the groups, who use it and increase its use into a fully working kitchen when required. The Hall also has large storage cupboards which need renewing to provide proper purpose-built storage for the current equipment the groups which use it have.  
4)    Litter picking equipment to be used for community wide litter patrols. The aim is to hold a litter picking day of action [and then repeat quarterly or six-monthly] that can be jointly organised and marketed by mentioned groups; but open to the whole community. This will help bring younger and older people together in a positive activity that increases pride in their surroundings and respect for each other.
5)    Enhance activities and equipment available for the community groups, with shared usage arrangements where applicable. Voluntary groups, even when charging membership fees, struggle to buy the equipment they need.   This is mainly down to deciding their fees to include all sections of society, especially those who are vulnerable through their social and economic situations. The aim would be to purchase new rigid goals, training hoops, cones, poles, small goals, ladders, bibs, balls and line equipment that could be utilised by all those who need them (not just footballers). Tables, storage equipment for the Community.  Equipment to use for an assault course, such as heavy-duty ropes, ladders, cargo nets will be bought for the Scouts, School and Football Club to use.  Equipment to build games inspired and created by the groups will be purchased.  The SOFA club will buy kurling equipment, pay for equipment of the singers, line dancers and utilise the storage and tables for art lessons.
This combined initiative will help provide a long lasting positive legacy for hundreds of children and adults, spanning across virtually all age groups, and it will help to continue fostering the tremendous community spirit that has built up in Southowram and surrounding areas in recent years.
As a team we will work even harder together to deliver our 5 aims; getting people involved in positive social and physical activity can significantly improve their life skills, health and mental wellbeing.  This increases the opportunities for them to reach their full potential and play an active role in the community.

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