Southend & Local Areas, Youth Music/Business Hub.

by CurtisEOriginal in Southend On Sea, England, United Kingdom

Southend & Local Areas, Youth Music/Business Hub.
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To give the youth an outlet, to express themselves through music, in a safe space, with quality studio and facilities for business.

by CurtisEOriginal in Southend On Sea, England, United Kingdom


Maybe we would birth a STAR!!

But with little opportunities for the youth in the way of community activities, we aim to setup and run a successful youth music studio, hub & business hangout. 

Those interested in music can come down and learn the processes, create, record, mix, engineer and be mentored. 

Business services will show them the  processes available  to put music out on social and media platforms, and build a career too.

A space will be made available to young business interested individual, to do group courses and learning mainly around the digital economy, to become freelance start out people too.

Hopefully funds secured would acquire a long lease hold on a property, and go towards all the best equipment we can purchase for the project, office space and advertising to bring the youth down to use the site.

On successfully acquiring the start up funding required it could take no longer than 6 months the site to be e fully operational and serving all the youth of the surrounding areas.

We would appreciate any support available, in the way of a donation or even just a share of Facebook to get the message out.

We're slightly confident this could be successful in gaining funding, and realistic in our estimations of time-frame of completion with both Essex and London professionals on hand to make the project a great success.

When proven successful, future plans to role out to further areas of Essex and further.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£500 or more

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Music Sessions For Relative

If your a parent, or have a young relative interested in music., close enough to travel to Southend-On-Sea. Then when complete, in January onwards 2019. We'll give them 10, hour long, music sessions to create or learn from a professional.

£500 or more

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Business - Social Media Marketing / Advertising

If your a business owner, we can give 10 hours worth of studio time, alongside social media marketing to create a FREE Facebook Advertising Campaign, or services, when hub is operational.

£1,000 or more

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Business - Social Media Marketing / Advertising

A freelance consultant will work for a month, on social media, advertising, and Web Presence services

Let's make 'Southend & Local Areas, Youth Music/Business Hub.' happen