Southend Streetlife

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Southend Streetlife

To set up,, a community based website aimed at bringing members of our community together

We did it!

On 27th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £373 of £250 target with 25 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Have money in the pot to pay for next year's website fees


To form a local community website to be run along the lines of which has now been sold off to, leaving a vast hole in the community.

I and another Streetlifer have now formed a facebook page, Southend Streetlife but a website run along the lines of Streetlife would be more viable.  Pages will include recommendations for local business, who have been effected by the closure of;  advice; what's happening in Southend etc.

It will also be a platform for the events l now regularly run that are mainly attended by the elder members of the community.  We have lunches, days out, bowling, theatre trips, quiz nights and walks.  Usually there are at least two events on a week.  There are also two crafting groups and a Monday meet up for coffee who will use the site to promote their events.  This means that people aren't sitting in alone; friendships are being formed and peoples lives are being improved.

I was totally isolated until l came across and started my meet ups and it is vital that these continue and we reach more people.

We also hope to get the Council involved as they were posting on



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