Southampton Entertainment Crisis Fund!

by Martin Perry in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Southampton Entertainment Crisis Fund!


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To create a battle pot of funds for Southampton’s entertainment and hospitality industry, focused on those that are most in need.

by Martin Perry in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Southampton’s Entertainment industry is suffering to the point of possible extinction. Many fall through the cracks for government help. This project is an ambitious and passionate attempt to provide emergency funding to keep them alive.

I’ve not thought this through yet. This is just an immediate reaction to the chancellors speech yesterday, where once again sadly, the entertainment industry isn’t being helped. I’m not laying blame, I’m not being political. I think they’re doing all they can. These are desperate times for everyone. So ... I'm going to try and do all I can and if you love and/or appreciate the entertainment industry (and why wouldn’t you?) Please give just a little ... or please give just a lot, if you are that fortunate!

If we lose our venues we may never get them back ... never! But of course it’s not just the venues, it’s the people behind them. Many don’t even pay themselves! Did you realise that? Many pour their own money into the venues simply through passion and love of entertainment and they work another job for their income. This Fundraiser gives us a chance to perhaps pull the wolf away from the door until hopefully better days return. AND they will ... they just need our help until they do. 

I beg you to support it! 

Martin Perry :) x

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