South West Wilts Green Party - General Election

South West Wilts Green Party - General Election

We aim to raise enough money to cover the deposit for Chris Walford to stand as Green Party parliamentary candidate on June 8th.

We did it!

On 8th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £1,390 with 13 supporters in 28 days

As a local Green Party, we are supporting the nationwide effort to field candidates in the General Election.

Chris Walford is representing the party in South West Wiltshire on 8th June.  Clearly we want to raise money to cover his deposit, but we want to do more than that.  Any additional funding will go towards producing and distributing election fliers and posters, carrying the Green Party message.

Chris says:
"I’ve held a green philosophy for as long as I can remember; way back when “Blueprint for Survival” was published, it was evident to me that the Earth was not an unlimited resource, and that humans were in dependent dominance, not always wisely.

For 14 years I worked to establish a successful organic farm-based brand; before that I was a heating engineer, designing and installing energy-efficient installations.

The May 2017 General Election is massively important.  If Teresa May is elected with an unequivocal majority, she will have a mandate to force a hard Brexit, with who knows what consequences for British workers, the British economy, and the Global environment.

 The General Election after this is likely be run with new constituency boundaries which will make South West Wiltshire (or ‘Warminster and Shaftesbury’) an even safer Conservative seat.  So it’s important that we give the voters of South West Wiltshire the opportunity now to vote for a candidate standing on sensible Green policies which think for the longer term. "

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