South Shields Alley Project

by The Concrete Gardener in South Shields, England, United Kingdom

South Shields Alley Project


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To turn the alleys that run like mazes in South Shields into a fertile garden space with wall hanging food, herbs and flowers.

by The Concrete Gardener in South Shields, England, United Kingdom

We are a community project, a test model for a new way of conducting business and a catalyst for change.

We are born from a national food poverty and disintegration of communities through conglomeration and capitalism.

We believe there are other ways and fully embrace technology to help grow and provide energy on smaller more local grids. That being a catalyst for change .

We have several major projects underway at the moment that all spawn from our tiny concrete garden and staging area here in Newcastle.

Any of your pledges helps piece together each project and create a much needed environment in these somewhat bleak times. 

Project One

Collection of local food waste. From neighbours to streets and ultimately spreading to local businesses. With bokashi fermentation and hot composting we are turning back into living soil. The very heartbeat of life on our earth. The majority of agricultural based soil is just a dead medium. We have ploughed the life out of the earth. It needs to stop. 

Project Two

To grow all we, our neighbours and community can eat. Spreading into the homeless and local foodbanks. This is all from the living soil. It is imperative that we take a step back and start growing food like we used to. Born not through necessity but through wanting to live in a better world. 

The technology is there to help network neighbours and communities. 

We will be sensor driven , vertical growing and lighting our various gardens. Ultimately all running on closed loop systems. All knowledge and help us greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Project Three

To turn the alley spaces that run like mazes behind the majority of streets in our area into fertile gardens with a cacophony of wall hanging planters, fruit trees, plants that bring nature and that have medicinal or soothing qualities. 

We aim to turn the alleys into the veins of the community pumping life all around. It represents so much wasted space all within a stones throw away of allotments and green space. 

We welcome you on our journey. All support is greatly appreciated and we are strictly non profit in the traditional sense. Every penny will be sowed and plowed back into community and social projects , food and life. 

We are developing a strong brand presence and are working towards business models they are defined by dynamic equilibrium rather than pure capatilism. At every opportunity we will look to challenge and disrupt the so called norm if working in a counter productive manner. We are systems driven creatives dedicated to using our and others knowledge for a better world. 

We appreciate your time and welcome any questions or support. 

Let's make 'South Shields Alley Project' happen

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