South Lanarkshire Local elections 2017

To elect South Lanarkshire's first ever Scottish Green councillors!

We did it!

On 21st Apr 2017 we successfully raised £760 of £750 target with 18 supporters in 28 days

Tired of the same old political parties playing the same old Punch and Judy politics? Don't despair, the Scottish Green Party is here!

We are people just like you, with jobs and families, and we want to represent you in your local council. This year the Greens are running more candidates than ever before in the Scottish Local Elections: 19 in South Lanarkshire, and over 200 across Scotland.

We think that Councils should be about protecting and delivering local services that communities need to thrive. We're campaigning across all of South Lanarkshire, but we need your help to do it. Our party sticks up for our principles, does not have large corporate donors, and so we rely on the donations of ordinary people to help get our message across.

Just £10 could help us print leaflets to deliver to 100 homes. Every penny donated helps the South Lanarkshire Green Party put power back in the hands of the community.

So please, help us bring our message to more people than ever before, and be part of the group that delivers our best ever results in the local council elections. Thank you!

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