South Hill Parish Hall "Power The Night with Sunlight" Project

We want to "Power the Night with Sunlight", making our Hall sustainable by storing solar energy to use after dark.

We did it!

On 20th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £1,577 of £1,500 target with 38 supporters in 45 days

What are we trying to achieve?

South Hill Association for Renewable Energy (SHARE) are raising funds to create a showcase for ground-breaking eco technology in the heart of our small Cornish community. In 2015, solar panels were installed on the Parish Hall in order to harness the natural resources available to us, and to show the local community what is achievable with sustainable energy. These solar panels are generating as much power annually as is used by a typical household each year (7655 kWh over the two years to Aug 2017) which means free electricity for the community.

However, although our solar panels are brilliant at generating energy, the Parish Hall can sit empty during sunny Cornish days. SHARE wants to add to this amazing project by installing a Tesla Powerwall 2 energy store (a big battery, or in other words, an electricity reservoir, that stores the energy generated in the day to be used at night).  


(image from courtesy of Solar Century)

Why the Parish Hall?

The Parish Hall is the heart of our community, with regular users and events both during the day and in the evening. With 13.5kWh of battery storage the Parish Hall users will feel confident that the free energy generated by the solar panels does not go to waste and instead it is being stored and used within the community. Although the Parish Hall is over 50 years old, it is embracing and utilising new technologies in order to support but also educate those in the area from our youngest members in the toddler group to members of all ages in the local Quiz teams and other local groups using the Hall. 


If we can install a Powerwall system the Hall users will know that when they turn on the light switch it is the green energy shining down any time of the day, and even if there's a power cut. Moreover Powerwall will give us an option to monitor our energy use in real-time: we will be able to see directly how much we are using.  


"It's fantastic to have a parish hall in the village within walking distance of your home when you're a stay-at-home parent and living in a rural area without public transport which can make you feel very isolated" Magda Gould.

"SUPPORT SHARE in their bid for funding batteries to store energy. This is Sharon Daw Cornwall Councillor for Lynher Ward including Golberdon, South Hill Parish. Since I was elected I have been really impressed with the enthusiasm and proactive attitude to renewable energy in a small rural area. The passion and support for renewable energy and saving the planet is first and foremost and the grant will make a massive difference to the ability to store energy and reduce costs. The batteries are expensive and raising such sums of money in a small community is extremely difficult. I wholly support the funding application and really hope M&S can see the benefits to this community and wider area for the future of everyone." Cornwall Councillor S. Daw.

"South Hill Parish Hall Golberdon, is the centre of our local community. We have events such as children's parties, horticultural shows, patchwork exhibitions and clubs, several different martial arts, Slimming World, Parish council meetings, Women's Institute, monthly quiz night, harvest festivals, community events, weddings and a huge range of other private events. All of our community relies on the Hall being well managed and maintained to enjoy all this benefit. This project would help to provide energy generated during the day to be used at night, and will continue to enhance this fantastic Parish hall that our community enjoy and support. Please vote for our project which will power up this small East Cornwall community. Thank you." Nick Easton. Chair South Hill Parish Hall.

"Fantastic and original fun day held by South Hill Renewable Energy group on 29th May brought a new viral idea to the village . SOUTH HILL ROCKS was launched at the event and is a simple but very effective idea. Adults and children alike can be a big part. Paint your rock with your artwork, seal it, and place it for others to find. Notify SOUTH HILL & move it on further for another finder. This just works and is fun. Now South Hill project have launched a specific new set of rocks to help promote the Marks and Spencer's energy project. Mother Mim's Bakehouse wish them continued success in the project. A small village with so much positive energy deserves to be recognised." Elaine Pluckrose.

"As a  hog roast caterer in the area , Grumpy Old Porkers have catered for many events at the Parish Hall in Golberdon.  It's a fantastic space and has a really lovely kitchen with good facilities . We have done quite a few events here such as weddings birthdays and also Community events as South Hill parish does a lot to support its  community.  I always recommend it to others and always will . " Luisa Glinn 

"Life without the Parish hall would be pretty bleak, it's where we meet and have fun, or vote, or have teas following funerals. Many of us grew up here and went to disco's or Young Farmers club do's. It's where we invite new residents to join us, we only have 474 people in the parish so we know most people. To keep our hall sustainable requires maintenance and improvements and the M&S funding will go a loooong way towards providing the platform to build on now and for future generations." Ali Humphreys. South Hill Connection Newsletter Editor.

"As chairwoman and long-term member of South Hill Piecemakers I along with the other members have sat in the hall trying to stay warm for many winters. Trying to heat this space is costly as we hire the hall four times each month.  We appreciate the WiFi available as we regularly share our patterns with one another at our monthly meetings. We also use the WiFi for card payments at our exhibitions. The hall committee are relentless in their enthusiasm to continually raise money for all improvements to the hall so any grant available will be greatly appreciated." Elaine Taundry.

"As the hall is on my doorstep, I thought it would be a great place to start a yoga class. Unfortunately during the winter it was impossible to keep warm and I had to terminate the class of a dozen local people. When the solution to heating the hall is resolved I'd be more than happy to reconsider hiring the hall again" Lilian Jones.

"South Hill Association for Renewable Energy (SHARE) has worked with the Parish Hall committee to install the Solar PV system which has reduced running costs. The system needed a Wi-Fi connection so now unlimited fibre broadband is available to anyone using the Hall. The “Power the Night with Sunlight” project will build on what has been done so far by further reducing energy costs, highlighting new technology and promoting Renewable Energy.  Sustainable technology, sustaining our Parish Hall to sustain our community. Please vote for our project. Thank you." David Skelton. Chairman. South Hill Association for Renewable Energy.

"On behalf of Callington Town Council we express our support towards your M&S Energy Grant. South Hill parish hall committee is an established organisation which gives a massive contribution towards your parish and residents. The Members are very proactive and always endeavour to play a big part in our community, from participating in the carnival, quiz nights, and other parish activities. The group also work hard to maintain their premises and keep their facilities in good order. We understand and support their efforts to enhance their buildings so that more people in the community can use their facilities. Cllr Mark Smith Portreeve & Mayor for Callington Town Council "

"I run the weekly parent toddler group. Many of us live outside the parish but the hall is a great location, with lots of parking, the adjacent play park and recreation field. The children love to race around the hall and we are able to store our bulky play equipment here, slides, ride on cars & horses, sandpit and crafts. While the children are entertained the adults can relax and we have use of the well maintained kitchen all included in a great price. As a result our parents often have birthday parties here, we are always made to feel welcomed. I encourage everyone to vote for this project to make the hall more sustainable, so our children can enjoy it in years to come and learn about energy saving in all different ways. Holly Payne JAMM Monday morning PlayGroup."

"When we started this project, our team knew there was local support, but the generosity of area businesses amazed us. Not only have so many people voted for us, we have also had over 50 rewards donated. Local schools and clubs have promoted us in their newsletters At events there has been genuine interest in our progress and the details of the grant. People want to learn about the new types of technology available, energy efficient alliances and how this could effect them. They are especially interested in how these technologies offer savings, for themselves and for their communities. Our plan for the future is to continue to stay abreast of developing technologies and educate our communities and further afield of the benefits these will bring. Astrid Fischer Project Leader" 

THANK YOU Everyone that has voted we've had loads of support, I think this sums up what most people have said ...

"Good luck with the voting! Saw your billboard at the Callington roundabout today!  You have done such a lot and your project deserves to win.  I don’t need to tell you that I’m sure you won’t give up until you get it up and running! With best wishes and fingers crossed. Helen Randle"

Many in the community enjoy the Parish Hall and the facilities it has to offer.


What will the money be used for?

The Parish Hall currently uses approximately £1000 worth of energy each year. The money saved with this energy efficient storage solution will be put directly back into the community. This will revitalise the Parish Hall for the future and will enable us to continue to make energy saving improvements.  SHARE have applied for the M&S Community Energy fund for the cost of the Unit, and are crowd-funding by "flexible funding" the installation of this unit, a public educational display panel and more energy efficient appliances for the hall. When the project goes ahead, SHARE will provide quarterly energy updates in the South Hill Connection Newsletter and via our social media channels in order to show how the energy usage compares to the same quarter in previous years so that people can see the savings made by this installation.   

A little bit about us …...


The project has been initiated by South Hill Association for Renewable Energy (SHARE), a Community Benefit society. SHARE started in 2014 with the mission of powering renewable energy into a secure and sustainable future for all. SHARE members work across our area supporting households to make energy- and money-saving changes, ranging from supplying wood fuel locally to energy-saving educational events. SHARE is working on this project alongside the Parish Hall committee, the Parish Council and the local community. We will be at numerous events promoting this project. VOTE Now!


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