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South Derby CFR Community Expansion

by South Derby CFR in Long Eaton, England, United Kingdom

South Derby CFR Community Expansion
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Our aim is to support Communities by providing training in CPR and Defibrillation and to keep our responders on the road.

by South Derby CFR in Long Eaton, England, United Kingdom

South Derby Community First Responders (SDCFR) is a volunteer organisation which works alongside the East Midlands ambulance service. We attend a variety of medical emergencies: Cardiac Arrests, Strokes, and Trauma. With our local and community-focused approach to emergency medical care we are able to quickly travel to callers and begin treatment before ambulances arrive; greatly benefiting communities as they are able to receive medical care faster. This is vital in time-sensitive emergency situations such as a cardiac arrest or a trauma injury.

Recently our group expanded its service area to cover a much wider area including derby city centre and the areas towards the south of the county. As a result, we increased the number of responders to ensure we maintained our close community-focused approach to our new service areas. This has given us a wider reach allowing us to deliver our service to more of the public and benefit more communities. The growth in the organisation has given us the ability to have responders available more than ever before and yielded greater flexibility for our volunteers and the ambulance service. In the last year we attended over 1000 calls and with this expansion we expect this number to increase significantly.

Our responders have the skills to deliver medical care at a variety of emergencies and are trained to a high standard to prepare them for this. SDCFR has two levels of responders, Level 2 and Level 3, the different levels allow responders to develop their skills and to attend a large range of incidents. Level 2 responders are trained in basic Emergency care and are the initial support for patients. Level 3 responders are trained in Intermediate Emergency Care and have expected to have a wider knowledge of medical causes and can undertake further tests when attending an incident. Both level responders undertake constant training in Dementia, Mental Health and patient care, as well as being able to undertake free college courses to understand illnesses more.
We have the ambition to take our organisation to the next level and do even more for the community’s we service: to give a more holistic approach to what we do; educate the public; give greater visibility to the scheme and better equip our responders.

The main aim of our proposal is to work even closer with the communities we operate in. A great way we hope to achieve this in through the delivery of free, accessible and tailored first aid sessions to the community. Part of the funding we’re applying for will be used to acquire equipment for these sessions. This will allow us to deliver a more engaging and interactive experience for the service users.

A piece of equipment we’re keen to use is the IPAD training mannequin as it gives the students real time feedback on the effectiveness of their CPR giving students indication of what good CPR should feel like. This is a great feature as it develops their skills and gives them more effective practice We also wish to buy our own training mannequins this will allow us to hold larger sessions where more members of the public will be able to learn simultaneously and therefore receive more hands on and dynamic learning. All this equipment will be used at public events for demonstrations and walk-up training.

A new response vehicle is also part of our plan; this will allow us to give responders mobility to serve to communities within South Derby in a recognisable and visible means. By using the EMAS vehicle provider the new car will have EMAS CFR leverage and, befit from services EMAS is able to benefit from This will make our presence and work in the community more visibility and raise awareness of SDCFR. The vehicle will be used for attending incidents and for attending community events.

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