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Help, our transmitter antenna is on the blink! We desperately need your help to purchase a new transmitter and antenna to keep us on air for another 5 years. We were given our old one for free in 2007 and to be honest it's seen a few too many seagull bums and desperately needs replacing. Also, Cornish mizzle has got into our antenna and on very rainy days our signal comes in and out like a fiddlers elbow..!

We did it!

On 25th Nov 2013 we successfully raised £4,078 of £4,000 target with 114 supporters in 42 days


Source FM Transmitter Campaign Poster

Help, our transmitter is old and creaky..!

Source FM is a vibrant and successful not-for-profit community radio station. We offer information and entertainment to over 70,000 local Cornish residents in the wider Falmouth and Penryn area. But, we desperately need help to purchase and install a new transmitter that will ensure we stay on air for another 5 years.

We were given our old transmitter in 2007 and to be honest it's seen better days and a few too many seagull bums! We also have some significant blank spots in our transmission zone which we hope will be fixed by the purchase of a better antenna with a stronger signal pattern. Loyal listeners of Source FM tell us that our signal deteriorates badly in the heavy Cornish mizzle, which is a sign that moisture is getting into our equipment and that we may eventually loose signal altogether..!

Can you imagine a world without Source FM? We've got such a unique local sound because our programmes are genuinely created by local people. There are over 100 volunteer presenters who come into our studios every week and that includes everything from 8 year old children from Falmouth Primary School to a request show for people who live in residential care homes and we've got some big plans for the next 5 years of Source FM which include:

  • Live shows from the local primary schools
  • A networked news service compiled with our brother and sister stations in Cornwall
  • Lots more outside broadcasts
  • and plenty more beside..

Unfortunately transmitters are expensive, even small ones like ours cost a lot of money. The law states that a new transmitter must be installed by a qualified engineer and inspected by Ofcom to ensure it's performing exactly as expected and not going crazy and knocking out important emergency service broadcasts such as the coastguard or fire brigade. We've had a quote for a local business to provide our new items for the bargain price of £3,500 which is why we're asking for £4,000 to cover the cost of the transmitter and the cost of the production of the pledge rewards.

Keep a close eye on the Crowdfunder site we've got lots of exciting one off offers on the way that we'll be releasing throughout the course of the campaign.

Thanks for your support..!

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