Soup for the Soul by The Soup Seller

We're raising funds to take our Proper Food mission beyond our little cafe and help get Soup For The Soul in to the wider community

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We’re a homegrown business on the High Street with a passion for wholesome food. Something we call Soup for the Soul. But dishing up healthy, fresh and locally-sourced food comes at a high price, making it hard for us to compete with the big-chains and – more importantly – grow our business so we can keep serving the community.

That’s why we’ve turned to crowdfunding

With your support we can keep on going and go even further. What’s more, your pledge will only become available to our business if we hit our target of £15,000 by 11 November 2014.

But if you help us reach our goal, you will be helping us secure a long term place on the High Street. You’ll be giving us the boost we need to build our business. And in turn, we will be able to continue adding value to the economic and social profile of Glossop – creating jobs, keeping local spending local, and helping others in the local business community thrive in the process too.

Since 2012, we’ve gained a loyal following – particularly mums with bubs who appreciate the spacious and comfortable set-up we offer, as well as anyone with an appetite for fresh coffee, snacks and our range of signature soups. But we have plans to give even more.

 What are the plans?

We make all of soups from scratch, put ALL of our organic waste in compost, and recycle all of our packaging waste. With your investment, we will be able to:

• Upgrade our kitchen with more commercial equipment so we can continue serving our wholesome food more efficiently

• Develop our product packaging so we can sell our products online and post them – as gifts, hospital soul food, or practical meals for new mums

• Source all of our fresh fruit and veg locally, supporting local producers and local economy

• Give our compost to locals who grow their own producer, including schools and community projects

• Teach local children about where real food comes from using our own organic growing practices as a model

• Supporting more local charities and fundraising events with initiatives like sending ‘soup parcels’ to those in need – we already work with High Peak Women’s Aid with our ‘get one, give one’ meal vouchers at Christmas, and Mummy’s Star but would love to give more.

• Develop a recipe book based on our menu favourites, so families everywhere can get back to basics and enjoy good food at home too

• Host simple home-cooking classes showing people how they can serve their families ‘proper food’ every day

• Network with more community events by sharing our café space with local groups – from craft to cocktail-making classes!

• Keep expanding on our commitment to ‘proper food’ by serving up a wider range of home-cooked, locally-grown meals and snacks – Soup for the Soul!

Fresh Veg

When we opened the Soup Seller it was always intended to be the first stepping stone of a bigger journey. We've learnt a lot so far but now we need to take the next step and make things not only BETTER but bigger. We believe passionately in making 'Proper Food' from simple, local ingredients, not because it's trendy but because it makes sense.

Soup bowl

What’s in it for you?

You’ll not only get that priceless feeling that comes with knowing you’re backing a homegrown small business, but you’ll be investing in an entire community…and you’ll get something back too.

Every pledge from just £10 will be personally recognised with a range of rewards, from our delicious treats through to personalised recipes and cookery classes – perfect for individuals and businesses alike!

So what have you got to lose?

Support The Soup Seller now…and everyone wins!

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The good stuff

This project is intended to help get people involved and feel good about food; where it comes from and what you can do with it both for yourself and for others.Our rewards aim to do the same, and we’re starting with pledges of just £10 so that everyone can get involved. We're offering everything from our fab food through to personalised recipes and cookery classes (wouldn't they make great team building events for any of our supporters in business..?) 

You can see more about who we are and what we do at:


Twitter:  'The Soup Seller'

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