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We did it
On 26th July 2016 we successfully raised £18,788 with 364 supporters in 49 days

To launch Sounds Like Now - the only magazine dedicated to contemporary classical music culture in the UK and Ireland.

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New stretch target

It's absolutely wonderful to have reached our target - we can now go ahead with creating the premiere edition of Sounds Like Now, the only magazine dedicated to contemporary music in the UK & Ireland.  May it be one of very many to come!

Be part of something wonderful!

We want everyone who wants to be a part of this brilliantly positive new venture to have that chance, so we've set this stretch target to enable you to do just that - and get your name down in history as a founder of this landmark new publication.

Every pledge also further proves the appitite out there for Sound Like Now which will be hugely beneficial - putting it on a sure footing for the future.

Dan & Steph

What’s The Idea?

We know what a wonderfully vibrant culture of contemporary classical music we have here in the UK and Ireland - full of committed performers, composers and supporters. We’d like to see new music understood and enjoyed more widely alongside its sister arts and believe we can and should do more to celebrate it to the benefit of all.  

That’s why we're creating a new magazine : Sounds Like Now - a focal point - a cultural hub where people can:

-       Get to know the performers – what they’re up to, how they approach and what they think about the music and culture-       Get to know the composers, established and new - what makes them tick?-       Get to know the music, from those who know and love it-       Find out what’s being performed, where and when-       Find new repertoire including the latest publisher releases and selections by expert musicians-       Find new recordings and get help discovering what’s already out there

If you’re a performer, composer, producer or promoter of new music, then Sounds Like Now will be there to share and celebrate your work. It will include;-       Profiles of key performers and composers-       Essays and reports from artists and commentators-       Guides to key ideas and current trends in contemporary music-       Interviews-       Concert reviews and previews-       Recording reviews-       New music releases from publishers-       Thorough UK-& Ireland-wide event listings-       Q & A with contemporary music lovers outside the sector

Importantly, we believe we should have an outward-looking publication which encourages more musicians and listeners to venture into the wonderfully rich and rewarding world of contemporary music.  

Sounds Like Now will be a bi-monthly print and digital publication, available by subscription. 

So whether you’re a seasoned new-music-head or wanting to venture in and could do with a guide, Sounds Like Now is for you!   

Who are we?  

Dan Goren has been swimming the waters of contemporary music in the UK since the mid-90s.  You may know him as the creator and director of Composers Edition, or as Assistant Director of the Institute of Composing.  Perhaps you’ve seen him co-running Club Inégales, known him since his BMIC days or as a free-improvising flugelhornist.  

Steph Power has a background in new music performance and is a composer, an editor and a writer for publications including the Independent, Tempo and Wales Arts Review  

This venture is being developed with support and advice from Creative United through the Arts Council supported Creative Industry Finance scheme.    


Q. Why a Crowdfund?   Partly to prove the market - if we can show potential advertisers 500 upfront subscriptions at this stage that would be a great start! We also need to raise start-up capital - 1000 subscribers together with some larger donations would put set us up well for a sustainable future.   As you might imagine, there's a lot of work needed to get an ambitious new magazine launched,  and we want to do it right - all additional support will be very useful indeed.  

Q. When will the first issue be out?   We plan to launch in November 2016 with a December/January Issue.  

Q. How will the digital version be available?   We will be creating apps for the major platforms and making it available via the website  

Q. How can I be sure of the quality of writing and presentation?   All content will be created by professional journalists overseen by an editorial board and double-proofed.  We have engaged a professional designer who created our logo (good job Wilf  Whitty!) and will oversee the layout.  

Q. What payment options are there?   We'd really appreciate you using the bank transfer/direct debit option as this will help with the future administration of subscriptions.  You may also pay by card or Paypal.  


Anne Rushton - Executive Directer NMC Recordings  "We are fortunate indeed in the UK to have a thriving contemporary music scene, brimming with talent and innovation, with composers and performers who excel in their art.  The advent of a magazine which champions this work can only be applauded by the community of those who create, perform and hear this music.  NMC relishes the opportunity of working with Sounds Like Now to share our work, and to learn from others who are as passionate and committed to contemporary classical music as we are."  

Joe Cutler - Composer "Contemporary music in the UK and Ireland is crying out for a journal like "Sounds Like Now’ and Dan Goren is the perfect person to make it happen. For a decade and a half Dan has been an unsung hero of new music in this country. I have no doubt that this new journal will reflect Dan’s dynamism, open-mindedness and insight, and will be pivotal in creating an open space for performers, composers and everyone interested in new music to come together."

Katie Tearle MBE, Director of New Music & Nicholas Riddle, CEO, Edition Peters Group"We’re excited by the prospect of Sounds Like Now which will be a great addition to the growing interest and conversations around contemporary classical music. "

Charlotte Bray - Composer"Really looking forward to reading 'Sounds Like Now’! Great to have a place to find news and experiences from other composers and performers in the contemporary music world, and a platform to share thoughts and ideas."

Gary Carpenter - Chairman, Classical Executive Committee and BASCA Director.

“This is a very exciting initiative and provides an excellent forum for the huge wealth of UK compositional talent. We at BASCA are more than happy to support this!” 

Colin Matthews - Composer "For a long time there’s been a conspicuous lack of serious coverage of contemporary music - so often it’s at best an unglamorous afterthought rather than, as it should be, part of the front line. This is a great opportunity both to show how lively the new music scene is and to open it up to a new audience. Well done Dan!"  

64420-f1bed79842a5577de839fadce29d1e47.p   Darragh Morgan - Violinist"I am delighted to support Dan Goren's fantastic initiative for the new music magazine Sounds Like Now.  Placing performers as central in the equation next to the composers seems the most natural thing in the world to me and I'm keen to read and hear about performers thoughts and tastes in new music and styles."  

64420-497f17f41c80e8374feb65e53f3ab520.p   Ed McKeon - Director Third Ear music producers “The UK’s new music scene has a decent grapevine, but not even Marvin Gaye heard everything that way. For years now, I’ve wondered why we don’t have a ‘town square’ or forum for all the brilliant, crazy, wondrous, damaged, and just plain skilful and musical work being done here. This is a great initiative by Dan Goren, and I fully support it.”  

  Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM)"Sounds Like Now has real potential to further enrich the already vibrant world of contemporary music and facilitate new connections between composers and performers; we are delighted to be supporting it."    

64420-93018a8011048e3c8315a4268daa1d92.pMadeleine Mitchell - violinist "I'm delighted to support this new venture. Contemporary music has been a major part of my life since starting out as the violinist in Sir Peter Maxwell Davies' Fires of London. I've been privileged to have many composers write for me including MacMillan and Nyman and to have taken this music around the globe. I wish you every success."    

64420-9d1a289ea58eb72e412602f18c93db37.pMichael McCarthy - Artistic Director, Music Theatre Wales"I’m delighted to hear about the launch of a new magazine which will specifically look at contemporary music in all its forms. We really need this kind of focus so that those who share an interest in the new will know where to look and can explore in greater depth what’s happening and who’s doing it. This is a really exciting initiative and I wish it all the best."    

64420-bab71d20173ab572ac604dadae17b407.jDavid Kettle - Journalist and music critic, The Scotland, The Daily Telegraph & The Arts Desk "I'm very excited about a new magazine that will celebrate and champion contemporary music, both demystifying new music for a broad audience and providing a valuable focal point for those already in the know. These are challenging but exciting times for contemporary classical in the UK and Ireland, and I can see Sounds Like Now playing a crucial role in promoting new work, exchanging ideas and forging collaboration. I'm behind it."  


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£12 or more

£12 Reward

Founder #1 Issue (UK+Ireland) Your name will be printed on a special supporters page in the first issue of Sounds Like Now

£15 or more

£15 Reward

Founder #1 Issue (Rest of Europe) Your name will be printed in a special supporters page in the first issue of Sounds Like Now. A printed copy mailed to you

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Founder 1# Issue (Rest of world) Your name will be printed in a special supporters page in the first issue of Sounds Like Now. A printed copy mailed to you

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Digital Founder Subscription 6 issues of Sounds Like Now, one every 2 months, in digital format.

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UK+Ireland print founder subscription 6 issues of Sounds Like Now in hard-copy, sent once a month to a UK address. Includes free access to the digital editions.

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Signed NMC CD - Oliver Knussen : Autumnal (signed by the composer)

£40 or more

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£40 Reward

Signed NMC CD - Gerald Barry : The Importance of Being Earnest (signed by the composer)

£45 or more

£45 Reward

Rest of Europe Print founder subscription 6 issues of Sounds Like Now in hard-copy, sent once a month to a European address. Includes free access to the digital editions.

£50 or more

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£50 Reward

Signed NMC double CD - John Casken : Golem (signed by the composer)

£50 or more

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£50 Reward

Signed NMC CD Harrison Birtwistle: Gawain (signed by the composer)

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Rest of world print founder subscription 6 issues of Sounds Like Now in hard-copy, sent once a month to an address outside Europe. Includes free access to the digital editions.

£70 or more

£70 Reward

UK +1 print founder subscription 2x 1 year UK print founder subscription – one for you, one for a friend! 6 issues of Sounds Like Now in hard-copy, sent once a month to a UK address. Includes free access to the digital editions.

£200 or more

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£200 Reward

Reader Article Want to share your admiration for, or insight into a particular work, composer or musician -or know someone who would? Share it with the Sounds Like Now readership in your very own article.

£200 or more

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£200 Reward

Michael Finnissy autographed original manuscript - 1st page of Red Earth (1988 BBC Proms commission). More info on pledge updates page

£300 or more

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£300 Reward

CoMA 2016 Summer School - Full board place at less than half price!! Individual courses subject to availability, please get in touch for more details

£300 or more

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£300 Reward

CoMA 2016 Summer School - Full board place at less than half price!!

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

Commissioned Article OR Lifetime subscription (UK + Ireland only) Have an article written by a professional journalist on a topic of your choice, be it a performer, composer, work or key idea. Or take out a life-time subscription – the choice is yours!

£1,000 or more

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£1,000 Reward

Sponsor Think this will be a worthwhile publication that deserves the best possible start in life? Become a sponsor, named in the first 12 issues (2 years) of the magazine.

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