Soundart Radio - renew and restore

Help us to renew and restore our broadcast studio, and continue to provide weird and wonderful radio for everyone.

We did it!

On 24th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £1,240 with 73 supporters in 28 days

A time of growth, change, excitement and renewal for our ten year old, full time, licensed community radio station. We have escaped from our tiny studio, hidden deep in a hollow tree, and stepped blinking into the light. Here we are, in a beautiful new, but almost empty, space, with the generous support of the Dartington Hall Trust. But some of the faders on the mixing desk crackle, others don't work at all. Our computers are old and weird, cables bodged together. 

Soundart Radio is a resource for the local community, and for listeners around the world who want something different from radio. We listen to one another, and to the Devon landscape around us. All kinds of people gather here to be creative, learn and make lovely radio together.

With your support we can - 

  • Update computers

  • Restore our broadcast desk

  • Replace our DJ mixer

  • Improve our antenna, to send a stronger FM signal over Totnes

  • Equip our new, wonderful learning space - we need everything from chairs and tables, to computers, mixing desks and microphones

  • Continue to support many people to find their radio voice, and air their stories and opinions

Everyone who contributes to this campaign will be thanked on air, and invited to a celebration event.

And we will finally get our special lamp fixed.

Help us fill it!


Tiny Tapes!

10 of our artists are recording exclusive tracks on to tiny tapes - C15 cassettes. These are limited to just 10 copies of each. When they are gone, they're gone.

Each cassette will be posted out in hand made packaging.

Look out for updates to this offer. Only £10 pledge for each one - so why not collect the set?

Watch MC Delight as he shows you around the studio...





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