Vibroacoustic Sound Healing Table

To build a prototype vibroacoustic healing table designed to harmonise the body's energetic system through the use of resonant frequencies.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

New scientific research is showing that harmonics, or sound frequencies, can help the body to heal by raising the energetic vibration. 

By combining the ancient Eastern theories of the chakras and the modern scientific study of Cymatics, there is growing evidence that the effect of sound on matter has a demonstrable and positive effect, which is incredibly exciting for the future of health and how we look after our bodies.

The aim of this project is to build a vibroacoustic sound healing table that will help align the body's chakras with their associated sound frequency.

How it will work:

The person will lay down on the healing table. Over each of their seven energetic centres (chakras), there will be a series of speakers, vibrating to the resonant frequencies of 132hz - 240hz respectively (see table below).

The speakers will be attached to the back of the table, and in between the speaker will be crystals, which will add an additional oscillatory effect and allow the bodies energetic frequency to tune back to it's natural harmony.

The table will also be:

  • Grounded/Earthed to the earth , which has a resonant frequency of 7.83hz (check out the Schumann Resonance)
  • Infused with Aromatherapy oils, which will be soothing to the senses
  • Have coloured lights within it, corresponding to the electromagnetic light spectrum (and our chakras)
  • Include a detachable headset system, playing binaural beats to help brainwave entrainment (healing of the body comes at brainwave frequency)

It is a strong possibility that these tables could help heal injuries and solve emotional problems; although more research is needed. This prototype will help in growing the opportunities for research into energetic health and services to the public.


The vibratory tones of the human energetic system:

I'd love your help to get this project off the ground. Full photo updates will be provided; and of course if you donate over a certain amount you can have a go on the table once it's built!


Scott Warren