Soulfuel Smoothie Bowls Gluten Free & Vegan

Soulfuel want to reach you in the most convenient way possible through retailers in 2018.

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bee50d4f3ace4eb253d3d130d210f526b10ef0a1Hi I'm Hayley Ray the face behind soulfuel, the smoothie bowl product for people who want to be conveniently healthy.

In September 2017 The Princes Trust helped turn my big idea into a business reality and I've invested into soulfuel as much as I can and I still need a little more help to really get it off the ground. With your help raising £8,000 crowdfunder would take soulfuel from a little pop up and get it into retailers in 2018.                                            

To give you a little history of soulfuel and why I do what I do, this whole journey started as a reaction to my own personal health journey. Endometriosis, PCOS and cervical cancerous cells had a devastating effect on my life, emotionally, mentally and physically. Although there's no cure for Endometriosis eliminating all wheat, dairy, sugars, additives and processed foods has helped me eliminate and control my symptoms. Through research I decided to make some dramatic changes to my diet and lifestyle to see if it would help. This was a huge challenge for me as I love food and its been the best decision I've ever made! I've already been able to share my personal experience with hundreds of you and it's my way of turning something that once had such a negative impact on my life into a positive one.              

Do you even #Soulfuel?

Soulfuel is on a blending mission to improve your health and well-being in the most convenient way possible. Soulfuel is a natural, tasty, allergen-free alternative product to a growing market that is demanding it; the plant-based 'alternative' industry is worth $4 billion annually and that's rising year on year!

Climate action

Here at soulfuel recycling is very important, that's why we only use recycled plastique and compostable packaging to minimise our environmental footprint so we can all continue to live on this blue dot we all love to call home. Recycling is one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact on the planet in which we live today. Currently about 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year to make bags, bottles, packages, and other commodities for peopler all over the world. Unfortunately, only 10% of this plastic is properly recycled and reused. The rest ends up as environment waste in landfills or as litter in our natural environment where it leaks dangerous chemicals  into our natural environment where it leaks dangerous chemicals into nearby soil and water, endangering humans and wildlife alike.  

                                                            (From right to left The Kiwi, Cacao Kisses and The Brazilian)


Soulfuel smoothie bowls are completely free of gluten, dairy and are a convenient yet delicious way to get antioxidants, nutrients and organic where possible ingredients in one single sitting. Soulfuel want to bring positive changes to your health and lifestyle the same way soulfuel has changed mine.

Cacao, banana, avocado, dates and PICS peanut butter 

Matcha, kiwi, spinach, mint, avocado and banana

Acai, banana, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and PICS peanut butter


What I've been blending...

Since launching soulfuel in September 2017 I've supported events across London and Birmingham. I have blended in with Selfridges Birmingham, Lulu Lemon, Thrive Festival, Lisa Fearon Retreats and the BBC Good Food Show. The main questions I get asked are "Where do you sell soulfuel?" "When will you be stocking soulfuel in retailers? "Do you stock soulfuel in Whole Food Stores?"

"Your services were much appreciated and your healthy snacks truly delicious, Myself and the team will continue to recommend you to our customers, family and friends a like. Your amazing samples are still spoken about by the Selfridges management team" - Keleigh stone Selfridges management

"It was so great to see the hard work Hayley puts into her smoothie bowls with nothing but fresh ingredients and love. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the bowls post workout and passed on such positive feedback on the flavours and options. I would not hesitate to use soulfuel again and looking forward to using Hayley's services for future events" - Nicky Markus Lulu Lemon Assistant Store Manager Richmond London

"Had a very nice smoothie bowl at work this morning. Got my day off to a good start!" - Jack Seifas reviewed Soulfuel — 5 star

I've built up  delicious community on social media. Soulfuel attracts  interest from Ella from Deliousally Ella, Lifebox, Equinox Kombucha and popular food bloggers Petite Eelise and Lauren Lovatt!

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Which has led me to the next phase Crowdfunder...

The money raised from crowdfunder will allow soulfuel to begin the manufacturing process of products in a factory! Having soulfuel produced on a large scale will allow soulfuel to achieve a shelf life of around 28 days making it more attractive to retail outlets. Soulfuel want to create positive changes in the lives of our customers, suppliers and the planet!

the money raised towards, recipe up-scaling, manufacturing in a factory, packaging, barcodes, distributions and marketing campaigns.


How it Works...

Select a pledge amount from the list on the side of the screen and if soulfuel reaches it target of £8,000 within six weeks, soulfuel will be successfully funded and your pledged funds will be transferred to soulfuel according to the method you select when you pledge. If soulfuel does not reach target your money will not leave your account.

Aside from putting a huge smile on my face. In return for being so generous and for your compassion. I'd like to say thank you with some rather delicious rewards...

 3fdf57d135e631196a5e2fec7e53578edfc1124f £1 - Your name featured on the soulfuel wall of fame
£5 -  A soulfuel vinyl sticker and your name featured on the soulfuel wall of fame
£10 - A soulfuel vinyl sticker, your very own soulfuel tote bag and your name featured on the wall of fame
£20 - Your choice of either The Brazilian, Cacao Kisses or The Kiwi shipped straight to your door and all of the above
£50 - Can't decide? Soulfuel will blend and ship all three flavours straight to your door and all of the above.
£100 - An exclusive invite to soulfuel product launch celebration hosted in a gorgeous plant based restaurant with canapés, a glass of kombucha all on us with a cheeky product taster. We'll even throw in a sustainable soulfuel tee given to you on the night and all of the above thrown in
£250 - Your name will be featured on soulfuel packaging which will be sold in retailers with all of the above thrown in! 
£500 - Lisa Fearon a transformational life coach has exclusively given 10 passes to take part in a cacao visioning workshop. A cacao ceremony is an opportunity for you to connect to your sub-conscious through a guided meditation. You'll also receive all of the above!
£1,000 - Lisa Fearon a transformational life coach will give you a 1 x 3hr health and well being coaching session over Skype. Explore how you can bring and create immediate change in your life. You'll also receive all of the above... Yowsah!

How can I see where my money is going? 

You can keep up-to-date with all the news on:


Even if you can't donate, please help soulfuel by sharing our page with your community, online and offline! Thank you for reading, and if you are already a soulfuel fan I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have all shown me since I began my journey last September.

Do you even #soulfuel?

Hayley Ray


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