Learning Online Entrepreneurship with Journaling

by Lanja Miharintsoa Randrianarison in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom


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The SoulCreative Academy aims at making learning entrepreneurship simpler and friendly by using the benefits of journaling and microlearning

by Lanja Miharintsoa Randrianarison in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

What is The SoulCreative Academy? 

The SoulCreative Academy (SCA) has the mission to teach online entrepreneurship to Christians aspiring to become online entrepreneurs or create an income online part-time. The primary aim is to make learning simpler and straightforward and to infuse confidence to people with a non-business background. 

The SCA will particularly be helpful to those with an artistic and creative background or hobbies by looking deeper into business models they can go into. This support should enable them to turn their passion and hobbies into a sustainable income-generating online activity. 

The project is faith-based, which means that faith-based teaching will be included in the academy, however, the online entrepreneurship learning is for all background. 

1. The SoulCreative Journal and Blueprint bundle (JBB) (phase 1)

The main idea behind the SoulCreative Academy is the blueprint on online business building taking the form of a journal diary and planner. It will make the owner of the journal navigate through the steps of starting an online brand by daily journaling and reflecting on the prompts while planning their time. It will be an accountability partner as well as a source of learning and will be paired with a small prayer journal.  

Millions of people around the world have been using journaling as a self-development, a brain dump or a habit builder tool. I want to use these benefits and apply them to the learning and the process of creating online businesses. 

Journaling will help with the learning points reflection, support in getting rid of the overwhelm of thoughts and ideas and guide them in taking actions. It will organize and clarify their thinking, support in solving problems and manage the anxieties brought by change, learning and risk-taking. 

The concept of the journal blueprint is based on microlearning which consists of small chunks of learning with call-to-action at the end of each study. 

Microlearning benefits are to increase information, concepts retention, and the number and quality of actions taken. 

For example, module 2 or chapter 2 (chapter 1 will focus on biblical training of being a small business owner) of the blueprint will focus on developing the identity of the new brand and guide the learner in knowing what (s)he wants to create. 

On day 1 of module 2, the journal owner will go through short resources inside the journal or online about brand building and then responding to prompts as in the following few examples: 

[The answers below are the examples from my journal entries for the SoulCreative Academy. ]

•    What are you in business for? 

To make the vision that God’s has given me a reality, to implement it in God’s ways and through the uniqueness that God has fashioned for me, for my good and the good of others. To use the gifts and the knowledge that God has given me for his purposes.

•    What is your vision? 

To teach business excellence for the glory of God through seeking his Kingdom first and recognising his Sovereignty over our professional work and through good entrepreneurial insights and knowledge.

•    How are you accomplishing it? 

Through providing written blueprint and journal diaries and through a supporting online academy.

•    What are the benefits you want to deliver to people?

1.       Be equipped to manage their business and life according to God’s will and truths 

2.       Be equipped to develop an idea and make a living from it under God’s guidance and presence 

3.       Develop confidence in scaling a business in the online world and be a reflection of God’s excellence and integrity 

They will then be prompted to write down long-term goals, weekly goals and daily goals and translate them into the planner inside the journal. Every week the journal has a goal tracker to help the journal owner.

2.    The development of the journal into an online academy and community: The SoulCreative Academy (phase 2). 

The Academy will go deeper into the learning by creating more modules and worksheets and expand on:

-    Online Brand design

-    Building an online presence  

-    Generating online leads 

It will also have a module designed for Christian learning materials on: 

-    Building a Christ- centred corporation

-    Demonstrating God’s presence 

-    Managing your life and the growth of your activity

The SoulCreative Academy vision is to provide support for those seeking to generate revenue online but needs step by step guidance and support about the online marketplace. The internet is a large and diverse marketplace and it can be a daunting task for first-time entrepreneurs to find the right strategy, model or offer. The academy aims to equip and encourage those who are willing to create and take advantages of the online opportunities despite the uncertainty of the economic activity that the COVID has created. 

Phase 1:

•    Create and publish the blueprint and journal diary to guide learners and make them accountable for their progress.   

•    Create and deliver learning resources through emails and online social media platforms, online communities and webinars. 

Phase 2: 

•    Gather all learning resources into an online academy and combine all videos and worksheets; create and schedule online coaching calls and webinars.  

Who I am and my story:

Hi, I am Lanja (nickname Miha). I graduated from a master in entrepreneurship, innovation and management less than a year and a half ago. Shortly after graduation, I started a travel agency with my sister. Unfortunately, before the agency could take off, worldwide lockdown started and countries shut their borders.  I am pursuing this new venture and create something to solve needs from two things I enjoy (journaling and learning entrepreneurship). 

Despite my degree, I still had a lot to learn and experiment and I realised that there was no right formula for success. However, I realised that I could have avoided some failures and stress by organizing my thoughts, ideas and the never-ending learning and reflecting on them, by managing the stress and feeling of overwhelm of action and risk-taking, and by being diligent with my time, the decisions and the application of this learning. Most of the questions that people on an entrepreneurial journey ask are: "Where do I start?" "What is the next step?" and "How do I do/achieve that?". It is the mission of The JBB and SCA to help them avoid the mistakes that I have done and that many new entrepreneurs are doing,  answer those questions and support them in making real progress on their projects. 

I believe that anyone who is diligent can be successful online despite the current economic uncertainty brought by COVID and the possibility of a recession, building a sustainable income online is for many people the solution they need to face the economic future in this country and worldwide.

Why I think generating income through an online activity is important now: 

The idea behind the SoulCreative Academy came from three realities brought by the current situation: 

•    In the Uk alone, 6 million people could be at risks of losing their revenue sources. Most of them would not be able to apply for new jobs and building an income on their own is the only solution they have. Even after the lockdown, many jobs will still be on hold. 

•    Online commerce has boomed since lockdown reaching a record of 30.7% (ONS) by the total of retail sales. 

•    Online shopping of online leisure (seasonal, Media & Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Pet Care, Home Office, Business & Industrial) (Statista) increased of more than 200 % since the start of the year. 

How your pledges will help: 

Your pledges will help build the entire venture from the ground up through the research to the "reach" process: 

•    Research: gather information, resources, references and people to create the learning materials and the journal blueprint bundle 

•    Create: learning materials and resources; worksheets, videos, blueprint and website. 

•    Deliver: gather all learning materials through email, webinars, online community, course platform (on phase 2). Publish the blueprint and the journal diary. 

•    Reach: advertise and make the offer known 

The budget components include: 

•    Video edition 

•    Advertisements costs 

•    Autoresponder

•    Funnel builders

•    Webinars hosting

•    Course hosting platform

•    SEO Softwares

•    Website hosting, plugins and integrations 

•    Copywriting fees and freelancers (designers, editors, proofreaders…) fees 

The rewards

The handmade rewards that I have prepared for you are the fruits of the work of artisans and creatives from my home-country Madagascar. Artisans and creatives in Madagascar love everything ecologic and I am proud to be able to share the works of fellow Malagasies.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Full access to the Soul Creative Academy

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£10 or more

PDF prayer journal

I'll email you the pdf version of the prayer journal that comes with the journal and blueprint bundle

£25 or more

Printed version of the journal and blueprint

You will be mailed a printed version of the journal and blueprint bundle

£100 or more

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One to One Zoom 40 minutes coaching session

If you would like to get started now before the JBB and the SCA release you can claim this one to one session to help you get a clearer idea on your ideas or interests or support you on a goal that you may have.

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