Soul Mate

To shoot a short lesbian film for exhibition in LGBT film festivals and raise the visibility of lesbian made films

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Soul Mate is a short, lesbian, romantic comedy set in Cornwall, with a screenplay by award-winning writer/director Joan Beveridge and an original score by  Zena Smith, the film's producer.


As the sun goes down over a graveyard, a beautiful if rather pale young woman runs up, seeking entry.  The lych gate is blocked by a dark, dangerous, sexy Goth with remarkably sharp teeth.  The young woman begs to be let in.  She's brought white lilies to lay on a grave.  It'll only take a minute.  The young woman has a long luscious neck.  How can the gatekeeper resist?

Soul Mate takes a light-hearted look at the nature of attraction, the insecurities attached to feeling invisible and the hunger of desire.  Set very firmly in Cornwall, where outward beauty hides many dark secrets.  And all wrapped up in a neat, 8 minute package.


You'd be surprised how many big-budget productions, with lesbian protagonists, are directed by men!  So, for a change, we thought it would be nice to make a film of our own.  If only to prove that lesbians can take a joke!  Besides,  there are lots of stunningly talented people living in Cornwall, both in front of and behind the camera, so in the spirit of supporting local talent, we will be working with an entirely Cornish cast and crew.  And one day, when we grow up, we'd like to make a feature film and have it watched, not just by a lesbian audience, but by everyone who likes a good story.  Our stories shouldn't be considered niche, and hidden away, they should be out there - out and proud!


The Writer/Director - JOAN BEVERIDGE

Hello, I'm Joan.  I trained at Bournemouth Film School where I made a film about two women having a baby together!  I then went on to work with WAVES (Women's Audio-Visual Education Scheme) in London and later set up Gay & Lesbian Arts and Media in Brighton, helping LGBT students gain access to accredited video production training and make their own fabulous short films.  I moved to Cornwall to work for Creative Kernow and then Cornwall Film before setting out on my own with Labrys Productions.  The last few years I've been busy developing a couple of feature film screenplays with gorgeous, sexy lesbian protagonists. 

I'm just back from the Iris Prize Film Festival in Cardiff, where I had the huge honour to sit on this year's international jury helping to decide who got the £30,000 prize for best LGBT short film.  I was also a speaker on the Women and Film panel chaired by DIVA editor Carrie Lyell as part of the Producer's Forum.  Watching so many wonderful short LGBT films I've been utterly inspired and can't wait to shoot Soul Mate in November.  

The Producer and Jazz Musician - ZENA SMITH

I'm Zena.  I moved to Cornwall as a child where I was sent to Helston for schooling; home of the Flora Dance - which I danced three times in a white frock with forget-me-nots in my hair.  I have now fully recovered!

Working predominantly as a jazz musician, band manager and performer over the last 35 year, I've also dabbled with a bit of community art with Cornwall's Heritage Coastal Service making sand sculptures on the beautiful beaches of Cornwall and worked in art and music therapy with Mencap.

This is my first project as producer.  As I understand it, the role of a producer is to keep unruly people in order!  As a novice despot I enjoy learning new skills whilst cajoling others.  I also enjoy handling cash and extracting payments from people.  This new departure seems to suit my skill set admirably.

The Actors:



Savannah describes herself as being outgoing and sociable with a dark sense of humour.  She has performed extensively with local theatre groups including playing in Little Shop of Horrors.  Clearly she is perfect for this role!

The Young Woman - CHLOE NORRIS

Chloe has been performing since the age of 9.  She worked with a local Youth Theatre company up to the age of 16 since when she has performed in Hairspray, Into the Woods and  most recently in Kissing Sid James.  Earlier this year she made her first short film.

The Crew:

We will be making Soul Mate with Penzance-based, Three-S Films production company.


Soul Mate will be made with a lot of good will and favours but we still have to raise some funding to cover the costs of using a professional production company and their equipment, even though they're working on absolute minimums.  Generous people are letting us use the location for free and contributing personal items of clothing to wardrobe.  A local LGBT group kindly let us use their office space to hold auditions - Yay!  Props are being dug out of skips and re-imagined!  Friends and neighbours will be acting as runners on the day.


Cast and crew fees
Costume and make up
Props and set dressing
Consumables, i.e. batteries, data storage etc.  


It's not just financial help we need - we'd be enormously grateful if you could help us spread the word via word of mouth and social media.  Like our Facebook page, and visit for regular updates.


Three nights shooting in the rain and dark.  Such fun!  A brilliant atmosphere, a great cast and crew.  Fantastic footage.  Next step, raise the money for the edit, but in the meantime, here's a little taste: