Soul mate saviour

Soul mate saviour

My name is Steffan, I am 27 and living in the UK. Help me achieve my life dream, to have my soulmate here in my country.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is Steffan, I am 27 and living in the UK.

I have an angel in my life, her name, Rawan. She does not live here with me, she lives far away, in Kuwait.

4 months ago, she appeared in my life (online) and not a waking moment has gone by since then, when we have not been in contact.

Before she came into my life, I was struggling with severe anxiety and depression, she alone has made me want to be a part of this world, and want to mak something of myself, a family.

Since i can remember I was thrown about from foster home to relatives, never really had a great childhood. I suffered at school from moving often, to being bullied, and havind ADHD that the doctors did not diagnose.

Now my working life has paid the price of this and I am realistically only able to reach minimum wage in jobs, this means I am unable to sponser Rawan, to come to live here. (Law states I muse earn atleast £18,600 a year, or have £40k in savings)

The angel of my life. Rawan.

She has a deeply relgious family, who want her to marry a man of the same faith and she does not want this.

She has abusive issues with her father, with I would rather not detail much further.

She desperatly wants to leave and be here with me, she has savings of her own... to a sum of around £6000.

But this does not help, as if she wants to live here I must have £40k savings ( which is near impossible even if i work an ok job and saving 5k a year thats still 8 years) to which I will be 36 and hate to admit this, but i would not want to be here without her.

If by a miracle I raised enough savings to sponser her for a visa, once she is here and settled, I would use the savings left in such a way as to give back to my one true love (apart from Rawan) Animals!

Whether that would be helping a shelter, or starting some business to helps neglected ones, or housing/rehoming. Also to help others in need, whether like my project here, or different. I believe in power of people and humanity. Not so much in politics or law. 

I have tried to keep it short as to not lose your attention, if like me ADD/ADHD affects you, well done for making it this far!

Or did you look away and get distracted by that pen lying on your desk!

Thankyou for reading, whether your just nosey, caring, friendly project maker having a browse, or a rich billionaire!

I appriciate that I had somewhere to place hope. I will continue to strive to be with her regardless of the hurdles i must jump!