Sophie's dream dress

Sophie's dream dress

We really need YOUR HELP; friends and families please help Sophie afford the dress of her dreams....

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Our lovely Sophie Emmons & Ryan Hurley are getting MARRIED!!!!

Sophie has seen the most beautiful dress - she has dream't of wearing this dress since she first saw it- its in her heart and would make her the happiest girlie in the world.

She is already marrying the man of her dreams ... and she would really like to make her special day consist of THE dress of her dreams but the problem is the dress is financially just out of reach. 

She's luckily found this dress second-hand - then she said she would love to resell it online after the big day -

and then donate all the money it makes to charity.

So technically this is a way to donate to charity via a wedding first . 2 in 1 :-)

 For all of you who will be at the big day - please help her reach her goal so she can wear the most beautiful dress you will ever see! Believe it... it brought tears to the eyes!!

We'd post a picture .....but that would be spoiling the epic surprise... but jeeez its worth it! It fit like a glove and like it was made for her.

Whatever you can give to donate towards her dream dress it would be so much appreciated- no matter how small and it of course will end up going to charity after the wedding. 

Thank you so much in advance!!