I have now been in a Crisis Recovery House twice. These houses are run by Rethink charity.  I want to make a difference with soothe boxes

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I am a mental health service user myself. I have now been in a Crisis Recovery House twice. These houses are run by a charity.  A recovery house is an alternative to hospital admission during times of mental health crisis and distress. 

My project is to donate Soothe Boxes to recovery houses, starting with a trial at my local recovery house. I'm utilising skills the staff have shown and supported me with during my stay. 

After my most recent stay I assisted some other peers to incorporate some of these items, and they said even though it's a simple thing....these are some of the things we neglect during times of crisis...self care, 'me time' & and simple distractions.

The boxes will be for residents admitted. They will contain (not limited to but suggested basics): sample/travel sized toiletries/pamper treat, stress ball/tangle, adult colouring book, mini puzzle book, notebook, pen & colouring pencils, sleep pack, healthy snack/sweet treat, hot drink sachet, a mindfulness/relaxation/grounding exercise, an inspirational quote.

Most importantly it will make difference, a little gesture to show someone thought of them.

 I don't have the means to support this project myself so I'm putting my ideas out there in the hope that someone may realise how much of a difference these boxes make.

also any donations if soothe box items would be greatly welcomed instead of monetary backing/pledges. I can donate a box in backers name...the average cost per box is £10-15 in order to cater for everyone (vegan, organic, allergies etc)


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