Songbooks And Glory

Songbooks And Glory

We are a social project with the aim of bringing free musical instruments and teaching to disadvantaged youths around the globe.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are a young people's social project based in Scunthorpe, UK that provides free musical instruments and teaching to disadvantaged children both here in the UK and abroad.

We are doing this at a time where music education is being slowly eradicated in our schools via academies and as such many less fortunate youths are given no chance at all to learn an instrument.

Now music has been proven to provide respite for many things. War, depression, addiction and even abuse so it is important youths are given these fantastic opportunities.

Your donations will be going towards instruments, music teachers so these instruments are used properly, travel and accommodation to do this globally and forming concerts and gigs so these youths can practice their newly learnt crafts for everyone to enjoy.

And every single donation will be appreciated to the end of the earth.