Somnium - Short Film

Somnium - Short Film

This short explores societies rising unease with technology. There could be a time where no secrets are safe, not even within your dreams.

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Hello, thank you all for taking the time in checking out our CrowdFunder page.

Basis of our project.

We currently live in a time where the relationship between humans and technology is slowly withering. It evolves at such a forceful rate, humanities moral compassing can often go astray within it's development. We want to make a psychological crime thriller socially commenting on societies rising unease with the direction of technology, primarily on how your idea of privacy could easily disappear, even within your dreams. 

The Story.

In the not so distant future - Somnium; an artificial intelligence system has been created - currently a virtual reality prototype in the hands of the criminal justice system, and kept away from the public eye. This is a device that can allow others to exploit and traverse into your dreams, after all; that's when you're at your most vulnerable.

Robert Freud is a private investigator who has been given one of the first cases of this kind. His task is to be sent into the subconscious of a criminal patient in order to figure out the true extent of his crime, before he is able to walk free. Freud will have to tread lightly, if he is to return from the depths of his fragmented mind, in one piece.

Why do we need funding?

All twelve of us working within the production team currently study Film Production at the University Of Salford - in the heart of MediaCityUK. Fortunately for us, we have a multitude of camera and lighting equipment at our creative disposal, with equipment such as the: Panasonic Varicam LT,  DJI Ronin and Steadicam stabilisation equipment, as well as a variety of Dedo lighting gear. These tools will allow us full creative control in creating a stylistically professional quality film, a film we hope to take to multiple film festivals across Europe; and potentially further afield. 

However, we do need your assistance to help fund the remaining part of of the production. This will include factors such as:

 - Location Hire & Set Design

In order to achieve the stylistic aesthetic we're aspiring for, suitable locations and props for the set design will play a monumental factor in accomplishing this goal. This is where - if successful - we will make use of most of the funds, as this is something we consider of great importance.  

 - Professional Cast

High quality acting is an indispensable element in filmmaking, having the influence to truly bring your story to life. If we achieve our funding goals, we have a much greater opportunity to delve into the realm of actors, finding the perfect cast for our film. 

 - Extra Travel Expenses

We have a driver in the production team however; the car is reasonably small, and will sadly not manage to deal with the entire transportation of filming equipment. Your kind contributions can help support us with the logistical side of the production process.


In the remarkable situation of us exceeding our goal on CrowdFunder, the additional funding will contribute towards distribution and marketing costs.

Why help us?

Primarily, we truly hope that it can provide you with a huge amount of satisfaction, knowing that you have played a part in making our project come to life. Whether a big or small contribution, our gratitude will know no bounds.  

However, If you're feeling especially generous, we have an array of gifts that we are more than happy to offer you, it's the least we can do. The rewards range from limited edition posters and t-shirts, to the credited role of executive producer. Feel free to take a look.

Thank you for your time, your support will truly go a long way.

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