Somerset vi cricket club minibus fundraiser

by svicc-fundraising in Taunton, Somerset, England

Somerset vi cricket club minibus fundraiser
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To raise enough money to purchase a minibus to transport visually impaired people around the country to play visually impaired cricket.

by svicc-fundraising in Taunton, Somerset, England

Welcome to the  Somerset visually impaired cricket club fundraising project. We were formed in 2010 by a group off friends.  We have steadily grown as a club playing in the south & southwest developments league for around 3 years. We then progressed to the national league where we travel all around the country. We have gone from having a squad of 8 to now having a squad off 16 with the hope off continuing to grow and to develope a development team in the future.

The project is to raise sufficient funds to be able to buy a 17 seater minibus. This will enable us to transport visually impaired people around the country to play friendly and competitive games off cricket.

With the cost of hiring buses and trains being exspensive and a lot off engineering works at the weekend, it’s felt this is the time to try the purchase a bus to help us reduce costs and to make travelling more convinent for all our plays, luggage and equipment. 

Let's make 'Somerset vi cricket club minibus fundraiser' happen