Somebody To Love - Short Film

Project by Rob Foulkes
Somebody To Love - Short Film

A short film that stares in to the reality show black hole, examining the price of fame and the decline of romantic relationships.

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Story Outline:

In the not too distant future we have become a society obsessed with social media and reality T.V shows. Relationships are largely formed online, from friendships to long lasting marriages. Combining all of these factors, the most celebrated and viewed media is a reality show called “Somebody to Love”, whereby two complete strangers are put together by a super computer and attempt to begin a relationship. They aren’t always matched for compatibility, in fact often they are matched for explosive television and ratings, almost guaranteed to implode within weeks. The whole of their journey can be viewed online, on computers, on phones, on all our digital media devices, twenty-four hours a day. The contestants are volunteers because in this day and age, who doesn’t want to be famous? Especially when the top viewed and voted for couples are rewarded and celebrated by the masses.

Julie Woodhall, strong willed with a bitter twist, gets signed up on “Somebody to Love” by her mother, who wants her daughter to find a man and settle down. After some drunken encouragement from her friends, she decides to go through with it rather than dismiss it out of hand. She gets paired with Alex Jameson, sarcastic and witty, Jack Dee meets James Dean. The two of them both have a deep distrust in the reality show and openly mock it together, and in sharing that bond, end up actually falling for each other.

 When a serious incident between the most popular couple leads to the show being shut down with immediate effect, will Julie and Alex’s love continue once the cameras stop rolling?

Rob Foulkes - Writer/Director:

I have been working relentlessly for the past four years to master my craft in the film and media industry, and for many years previous, honing skills that have served me well in this pursuit. This project is the culmination of that work, and the beginning of the next stage of my career.  

My cinematic style is influenced by many prominent filmmakers, including Shane Meadows, Ken Loach, Steve McQueen, Edgar Wright, Danny Boyle, Charlie Brooker, Duncan Jones and Ben Wheatley, among others. 

Previous short films I have written/directed have screened at Manchester venues such as HOME cinema and Texture. I also hope to enter this project in to film festivals across the U.K.

Where the money will go:

  • Expenses for the cast and crew (catering, travel, accommodation)
  • Props and set dressing for the studio filming of 'Somebody to Love' 
  • Travel costs during filming
  • Location hire for two key filming locations
  • Creation and recording of the original soundtrack
  • A litter of puppies to keep everyone happy on set! (Not really... but wouldn't that be lovely?)
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