Some kind of transport project to help us all

by mr c watts in Haworth, England, United Kingdom

Some kind of transport project to help us all
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am trying to get some money together for a fresh vehicle as my children will no longer travel in this one after it was hit nearly head on

by mr c watts in Haworth, England, United Kingdom

  • My name is Craig age 48 and I am trying to raise some money together for a safe family vehicle as my children will no longer travel in the one we currently have after it was hit nearly head on by an oncoming vehicle.

The car was written off as it was only worth very little but i was able to purchase it back from the insurance company and get it back on the road but to be honest is now only worth around £200 but it moves so that's ok.

The problem i am having is that my children were in the back of the car when the accident occured and were deeply traumatised by the whole thing including sleepless nights and nightmares and now  they try their best not to go out in the vehicle because of the trauma they have been through already.

I have tried to claim from the other insurers who did admit fault but because there were no physical injuries they refuse to pay anything.

My poor kids are really suffering and i dont have the funds to try and help them as i to why i am here,i just feel so helpless.

I am disabled but apparently not enough to get mobility but also i am unable to work because of my disability and so its a constant battle to get a straight edge.

I am currently studying to be a counsellor at college because i really want to help others but the things with the kids is putting a lot of pressure on.

Hopefully in the distant future i will be able to move on to my next chapter and things will be a little easier for my family.

 Please if anyone can help with anything then it would really be appreciated although i really do feel like i am begging here. 

Best wishes to you all 


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