Solving an Unsolved Murder

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Solving an Unsolved Murder
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We believe we have solved a murder that was committed in Scotland in 1976.

by Stuart Goodacre in

In 1976, Renee MacRae and her three year old son Andrew, disappeared just outside Inverness Scotland. Her burning car was found later that evening in a remote layby off the A9, but no trace of either of them has ever been found. They are presumed to have been murdered. Police have a suspect but he has never been arrested let alone faced a court trial. He now lives in England and although the case is officially ‘open’ the Scottish police are still briefing the media that he is the culprit. The suspect has an alibi for the time period when the mother and son went missing,  

There was a potential development in 2004, when fresh evidence strongly suggested that the bodies might be buried in a quarry. This was excavated and nothing found, yet the police publicly stated that they had enough evidence to take action against the suspect. But when a case was prepared for a criminal trial, it was thrown out for lack of evidence. Since then, nothing. 

What makes the story even stranger is that much of the accepted narrative of what happened – as told today in the media, on Wikipedia etc – is wrong. Key details such as the known movements of the deceased on the day of the murders, the location of the burning car, who found it, other witnesses etc are incorrectly reported as facts. Again, they are wrong. That isn’t a conspiracy, its simply the result of very poor research. And if these important details are incorrect, then the accepted story is incorrect. Furthermore, given that the police suspect is still walking around free, then it follows that the investigation itself was possibly flawed. Remember, this is the callous murder and disposal of a mother and her three year old child. It is also currently one of the longest missing persons cases in the UK.  

We have been researching this murder for several years and are now ready to tell the full story, including naming the suspects (plural) - none of whom include the police’s suspect. We have trawled through many original newspaper accounts of the early days and weeks of the disappearance and investigation. We have spoken to witnesses, uncovered new witnesses, spoken to forensic experts, a world renowned criminal psychologist and have had exclusive access to a very well informed (and rather brilliant) retired police detective who was extensively briefed on the case in 1977 but then not permitted to partake in the investigation. It was he who gave us the names of two suspects who he would have brought in for questioning had he been in charge of the case. These have never been mentioned as suspects before and neither of them are the man whom the police believe to be responsible.  

We also have scientific evidence which shows where the bodies of both the mother and child may possibly be located. 

We have enough material for four podcasts – each around an hour long - to be broadcast once a week, from October to November 2018. It is a long story and it is also a very important story that the public deserves to hear.    

The first podcast will cover the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the victims;  

the second will be about the police suspect and how strong the case is against him;  

the third will centre on the 2004 quarry dig and the strange way in which the police made the decision to dig;  

and the fourth and final podcast will look at the brilliant detective who spoke to us, it will detail Renee's final day as well what we believe happened to her and her son. It then names our two suspects and gives some details about them. 

There will also be an introduction plus the entire (i.e. non-edited) interviews with key witnesses will be available. 

The final episode will cost £1 to download, in order to help finance us for any possible events after we have sent our report to the police.  

Once the final episode has been broadcast, then we shall be handing our information over to the police. But we feel that we the public should know as much as possible about what really happened in advance.


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Receive an advance copy of episode 1, in both audio and written formats, plus the Introduction. These will be available in the week prior to broadcast.

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