Solo Show in Harlem, NY

by Emma Louise Moore in London, England, United Kingdom


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I am aiming to be able to travel to NY for my Solo Exhibition; to organise this group performance piece in NY, which requires hiring a drone

by Emma Louise Moore in London, England, United Kingdom

Initially I want to get myself and my new work to New York, though saving all summer I have not quite reached my target alone. When in New York I also want to organise a advancement on the group permanence piece I have ran in London and Ireland. This requires the rental of a drone. 

My work, a focus on group mentality in humans has led to a comparison with animal swarm mentality. This can be In particular looking at mosquitos swarms/murmurations. Birds in flight are influenced by the seven birds closest to them, this performance will relate to how we follow the seven closest people to us. The plan to create a large choreographed performance piece, taking inspiration from the collective movements of the birds in flight and visual aspirations close to Spencer Tunick photography, creating a piece where multiply students create one entity, changing and evolving as more people join. This piece will mimic the methodologies birds use for creating swarms and murmurations; following three steps and applying these to the seven closest birds to them.   


The notion of rehearsal will be evident  throughout the piece, teaching the performers the simple rules and then letting the piece unfold in an outdoor space, possibly the school pitch.  The piece will Change and evolving as they reach barriers join or leave the group.  

  • Torso facing the the same direction 

  • Move at the same pace 

  • Maintain the same distance between each person. 

  • Attempt to maintain a shared speed of movement. 

This method allows the participants to move as a whole, even if there is a change in direction. 

The piece will be shot from above using a drone,

This piece was performed at Lethaby’s Gallery, London and ACC, Kilkenny, Ireland. 

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