Solid Water Fin Adapters

Solid Water Fin Adapters allows every surfer to have the freedom of choice over the fin system they could use on their surfboard.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Solid Water fin adapters are the new universal fin adapters which enable’s you as a surfer, to have the flexibility and freedom of choice over the fin system you will use on your surfboard.

Solid Water has the mission to allow each and every surfer to travel the world, surfing any type of waves with the equipment they want and need.

The Problem:

Due to market research; surf shops and surfboard Manufacturers in the UK and Europe sell 40% Futures fins system to customers, and the other 60% of fins systems sold are FCS. 

However, as a surfer, in order to use a type of fin, I need to have the compatible fin plug in order to secure my fin. For instance, if I have FCS fins they will only be suitable for surfboards that have FCS plugs, and the same for Futures fins.


We are the first brand in the world that provides a universal fin system, enabling surfers to use any of their fins system collection range, into a surfboard that has futures fins plug. In that way being able to use your old FCS1 which doesn't get used very often or your new FCS2 fins system which can only be used with your surfboard that has an FCS2 fin plug into a Futures fin plug.

What’s in for you?

• The market for fins is divided by Futures fins and FCS fins, now you can have the flexibility of using any fins you want if you have futures fins plug, by adapting any FCS1 or FCS2 fins into a futures fin plug.

• We are the first surf company in the world that allows surfers to use 3 different types of fins system in one surfboard (FCS1, FCS2 and Futures).

• By having a futures fin plug on your board, you will never have the limitation of not being able to surf, due to a broken or missing fin, any fin now is compatible with your futures fin plug.

• Using your surfing equipment when travelling abroad, breaking fins, losing fins, and not being able to buy or find the fin that fits into your surfboard, is no longer a problem.

The Story so far...

From being a grommet (young aged surfer) to becoming a semi-professional surfer, I realised that a lot of the intermediate to  top surfers I met when traveling and surfing in different surf spots, would only surf with one type of fin system, therefore, if there fin broke or got lost they would not have an alternative option apart from buying a new fin, which in many places is difficult to find, especially where famous and perfect surf destinations are located.


We started this Solid Water Project 3 years ago, initially with the concept of adapting FCS1 Fins into a futures fin plug, and through a lot of product development, testing, adjusting, focus group feedback, we were able to make the FCS1 fin require one grub screw in order to secure the fin, in the same system as a Futures fin, making the fin system sit underneath the surface of the board.


With the innovation of fins systems and the introduction of the new FCS2 fins to the market, we thought as a company that manufactures surfing accessories, there is no point only adapting one type of fin system existent in the market as this would limit the flexibility of choices surfers would have, allowing those to have the choice of 2 different fins system into a futures fin plug.

About our company

We are a small and independent surf company situated in the very south-west of the United Kingdom, Newquay, Cornwall.

We’ve spent the last 3 years researching and applying our knowledge to the industry of surfing accessories and hardware, in order to identify, test and evaluate the best suitable products for the benefit of any surfer and those surfers that like to travel and explore other surf spots.

Our mission is to provide innovative surfing accessories for surfers when exploring other surf spots and taking with them more than one surfboard. Making travelling easier for surfers and providing to surfers flexibility within the use of their surfing equipment, for instance, fins, leashes, grip pads, surfboard bags.

We need your help to make this project go forward, due to the start-up cost of; tooling manufacturing, packaging the product, branding, marketing and building a website.

On behalf of the Solid Water Team, thanks for your time and help.

And Keep Surfing!

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