by Mr. Roman in Великобритания



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Our goal is to make energy available anywhere in the world and direct all power to the development of world technologies.

by Mr. Roman in Великобритания

I am an ordinary guy who has a dream. I found myself and I want to realize it and develop it as much as possible, Solery is a company that will introduce solar energy into the world, we will take a big part in this large-scale development of the transition of our planet to clean and safe energy from natural solar In the future, humanity will be able to abandon nuclear power plants, which will reduce the number of accidents and radiation emissions into nature. At the start, an amount of £ 35,000 is needed, this money will go to rent an office, recruit personnel and purchase systems and check their quality, I found a supplier, we we will provide a guarantee and customer support for 30 years from the company. I can confidently say that even this amount will give a good start and further prosperity of the company, with the right approach it will serve as the foundation for the company and enter the market. The company's goal: to make energy available anywhere in the world , we will power even the most remote corners of Africa. We will install systems all over the world, now Starting from 1 country, in the next 3-5 years our branches will be throughout Europe. Ahead is only active promotion and implementation of further plans in general. We will provide people with clean and reliable solar energy and electric heating, people will not have to pay for electricity and heating at home The sun gives so much natural energy that now there are no technologies that can absorb such power, in the future we will develop the most advanced systems. Energy is the key to evolution and future technologies


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£11,000 or more

Solar system 20kW

Solar system 20kW|mono.We will deliver, connect and guarantee support for 30 years

£35,000 or more

35000=52500 over 5 years

Whoever invests the entire amount will receive more than any bank deposit for the same amount in 5 years. Bonus totaling 17,500 over 5 years with quarterly payments. And at the end of the period (5 years, possibly earlier) your amount, which will turn out to be 52,500, if earlier I still give 52,500

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