by Paul + Kayla Owen who document British Trainer Culture in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom



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Sole-Zine is a limited edition pull-out poster-zine, published every quarter, building an archive of stories from the trainer community.

by Paul + Kayla Owen who document British Trainer Culture in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we reach our STRETCH TARGET of £1,000 it will enable us to keep Sole-Zine going for longer - we have many future planned issues which we would like to share.

Sole-Zine talks to specialists, from Collectors, Restorers, Convertors to Customisers’. The poster-zine offers new insight, interviews, and the chance to see rare, original and sometimes vintage trainers.


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the switch to spending so much more time online, heightened the richness for the physical format. This prompted Paul and Kayla to produce Sole-Zine in print - away from the fatigue and stresses of the digital world. The first three issues of Sole-Zine; vol 01 My Mersey Paradise, vol 02 Restore and vol 03 Convert were all produced remotely and then distributed for free, globally to the trainer community.


We're now launching this Crowdfunder to document, publish and distribute the next issue - Custom with Dundee Sole.

Our Crowdfunder target is £500 and we're going all or nothing! (which means if we don't reach our target, we get ZERO!). The funds will cover the costs of production and postage. BUT we also have a STRETCH TARGET of £1,000 which will enable us to keep Sole-Zine going for longer.

To be able to reach our target we need your help! Check out our rewards and PLEASE share this page with as many like minded people as you can! 

Thank You! Paul + Kayla.



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