Solarnest Smart Eco Home, Nest-i

Help Solarnest build their environmentally friendly, smart home design at the University of West of England.

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To accelerate the transition to sustainable, affordable and accessible living... 

Solarnest is led by a motivated group of students based in Bristol Business School, UWE. We have a mission statement to accelerate the transition to sustainable, affordable and accessible living. We are launching this campaign with the target to raise £8,000 which will be match funded by Bristol Green Capital. This will serve as our first instalment of funding to construct our design and will give us the push we need to create a major impact. Our design is a unit which is built from sustainable materials. The building blocks of each unit will be a pre-fab wall panel system which is made from straw bale, these walls can be replicated over and over in a factory/workshop environment. Then these panels are assembled on the building site to form a fully built Solarnest. This system reduces cost as the economy of scale reduces the price of each unit and we can reduce waste of materials as they are created in a controlled environment. This design is then incorporated with Solar PV technology and optional lithium-ion battery system to give each unit energy creation and distribution ability.  

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The housing crisis in the UK is an evident and ongoing issue, especially for the younger generations. Younger generations need options and they need them fast. With our own concepts of affordable, sustainable home designs, we feel that we can offer a new perspective. An option which can help accelerate the transition to affordable and sustainable living and join the race towards a clean and energy efficient future. With the utilisation of Solar PV technology, our designs are able to produce up to 50% of the total energy consumed throughout summer periods and up to 30% throughout the winter periods.

We have gained the permission from the University of West of England to place our home design on Frenchay campus here in Bristol, we now have a finished design and are ready to build! The next step we require is the support from the community. Financing this project will allow Solarnest to develop an affordable solution to the housing crisis and will be an opportunity for us to pave the way towards sustainability. 

To watch our journey follow this link to our youtube channel:

Your Support

Our mission statement means nothing without the support from the wider community, your help is essential. We are offering a range of rewards and personalised gifts for your donations, you can be a part of our journey and can visit to see the unit once built. The unit will stand proud for the public to see and will be viewed by thousands of people so will also be perfect exposure for business. If you are interested in our campaign and would like more information then please get back to us and support our mission statement towards a clean and smart future!


At Solarnest we want to involve the larger community of Bristol and other parts of the UK in the future within the processes of building Solarnest homes. We have already had a large involvement from both members of the public and community of architects, visionaries, entrepreneurs and local businesses in Bristol thus far.  We have partnered with local community groups such as Co-Resist to hold a focus group involving members of public who joined us along with members of architectural teams from UWE to discuss the topic of the affordable and sustainable housing. This allowed the teams to gain a better understanding of what the market requires and enabled their designs to be more realistic and feasible given the current realities and expectations of the market. The results made the first Solarnest design a viable market product. We hope to further increase the involvement of the community throughout the build of our first unit, starting with this crowdfunding campaign and further as we grow.