Solar pannel for the village

Solar pannel for the village

Solar panel project aims to provide electricity to Kot Bhai Khan village in Pakistan. It will help over 15,000 residents of the village .

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Pakistan is starving with electricity shortage. It has held back whole of the country economy from progressing. Pakistan is on number 8 out of 10 countries which are on risk of suffering severely from climate changes.  Kot Bahi Khan is small village and I am originally from there. I know from my friends and family members that life is really hard for them without electricity especially during the summer season which last for more than 6 months. 

Many school kids are not able to go to schools as it is too hot for them to stay inside classrooms and study. Local businesses suffer too and make losses on daily basis as their chilled food gets melted and ultimately goes to waste.  Government is focusing on big cities and big industries to provide them with electricity on priority basis and missing out on small village like Kot Bahi Khan. 

I want to raise money to help people there to minimise their sufferings and provide them with the clean energy. It will not just provide energy to schools but will enable children to continue their studies. It is a difficult task but not that could not be achieved. Every little help matters and I will keep updating you guys as we progress.